A Summary Is in Order

It’s happening again! Too many thoughts bouncing through my brain, and fingers that can’t type quickly enough.

A summary may be in order.

First, I woke up yesterday wanting to write about princesses and toads, marriage and marriage counselors. I have experience with them all. I wanted to title my post Some Day My Prince Will Come. It was in no way going to be a husband bashing piece, rather an observation about marriage and how sometimes my toad really is a prince. I’ll have to explain more about that later, because it is an interesting story. I will say that marriage is more hard than anyone ever could have explained. It helps that I married a guy who is fundamentally good, even if some of his habits make me want to run for the hills screaming, “You’re not the boss of me!”  We all have our wounds and mine (just happen) to have made me really good at running for the hills. I like to be alone and to make my own decisions. It’s a challenge, but I’m committed to the cause.

This morning I started to write another post called Comma Crazy. I am such a boring girl these days. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs (yes, drugs are bad and I know they don’t make a person not boring). My biggest addiction, besides chocolate cake, is my overuse of commas. I’ve been struggling with it for years, since back when I was teaching a room full of 10 year olds. One of my very favorite memories during those teaching days was the debates that I’d have with my assistant principal over commas. I miss Mary! I wish I could say I missed that room full of 10 year olds too, alas my days as a teacher are done. That’s a tough demographic; fourth graders. Ten year olds are not what they used to be.

At 7:45 a.m. I hurried upstairs for my running clothes. I’ve been really lucky that Brian doesn’t have to be at work until 10:00, so most mornings I can get in a decent run. Today I ran a terrific 6 miler and listened to the Miranda Lambert album that I downloaded a few days ago. The woman is brilliant and that is not an understatement.  Her words, voice and music touched me to the core of my being. It made me think, what makes something brilliant? Is brilliance when you feel it in your heart and not just notice it with your senses?  If that’s so, then brilliance, unlike beauty, is in the heart of the soul, not the eye of the beholder.  I thought about some of the other things that I consider brilliant. This week’s Boardwalk Empire is one of the most brilliant pieces of television I’ve seen, since Dexter came home to find Rita in the bathtub.

I also thought a lot about one of my favorite writer’s, the brilliant Jane Hamilton. When I read A Map of The World and The Book of Ruth in 2000 (they were out earlier, but I was busy being a NYC working girl with no time to read), I was in the middle of what I like to call my, “early mid-life crisis.” I was 29, had quit my job, wasn’t married, didn’t have kids, and was seriously depressed that my life wasn’t exactly how I thought it should be.  I decided, then, that I wanted to be a writer for a living, but was afraid I’d never be able to make it happen; afraid of more failure. I chose to be a teacher instead, where I did lots of editing and teaching about the subject I loved most. That thing they say, “Teachers teach because they cannot do,” in my case was sadly true.

The rest of my week is going to be easy breezy. I can’t wait until my Saturday 11 miler and hope that my Garmin arrives by then.

Sometimes a summary is in order, but I think I was able to cover what I needed to.

Sort of like Cliff Notes to my life.