Baby Runners Make Mommy Runners

Ran this poor thing into the ground!

I can’t remember the model/make of this runner, but it was a cheap one bought from BabiesR’Us.  I had never run high mileage until I had the girls, but when I’d strap them in at nap time, they’d sleep forever. I used this particular stroller for 3 years and it served me well. The tray up top was great for bottles and snacks (for them…not me), but it constantly needed to be re-aligned as it had a tendency to roll left!  I actually didn’t mind this, since I figured it was like getting an upper body workout every time I had to adjust  it right. The front wheel was locked,  not a swivel, which I preferred.  Later, once this runner was killed (and I mean an absolute goner), I bought a Bob Revolution Duallie. The Bob is night and day to my original, as far as bells and whistles, but after only 6 months I found it too heavy, even though my kids were still within the weight limit. The Bob Duallie has a swivel wheel which is actually nice when going for a walk, but I loathed it when running.  Traveling with the Bob was a pain in the neck too, since it’s a monster! I was kind of glad to let it go. Maybe if I had started with one I would have loved it, but I think we got it too late in the game.