Ready To Run!

This morning I went to visit Dr. Kerner. The technician took x-rays of my ankle and I read through an entire People Magazine (the one with Casey Anthony on the cover) while I waited. I can’t remember the last time I read through a magazine front to back, even the ads.

When Dr. Kerner came in, after analyzing my x-ray and pressing on my foot, he said that I didn’t break any bones. It’s just a sprain.

He then asked me how I did it. I started at the beginning and gave him the whole story; from training for the marathon, to blogging, to looking for the writing journals where I’d written about running, on and on. I lost total control of my mouth.

Finally he stopped me and said, “You mean you didn’t even do this running?”

“Yep! That’s right!”

When he said I could run again as soon as I wanted, I made a high-pitched noise and did a little dance. He slid away from me on his rolling chair, and I couldn’t help but think that I might be a little much for him so early this particular morning. When he left the room, I saw him hand my chart to the nurse and say, “Sprain.” That was it.  I stood in the doorway and watched him walk away.

Maybe Dr. Kerner was having a bad day. He didn’t seem as excited to talk to me about running, though he did say that he’d just bought new shoes that he’d run in yesterday, but they didn’t fit, and made his toes numb. That would bum me out too. I told him to return them!

I managed to escape the office without embarrassing myself further. I took my ankle exercise sheet from the nurse and walked away (with barely a limp). As I exited the waiting room I noticed people all around me with those big black leg braces and two people in wheel chairs.

After my appointment, I went for coffee with my friend Dawn, who is also a mommy to twins. Her kids are a little younger than mine, but I was reminded what a tough job we have. We talked a lot about the kids, a little about the husbands, and she told me I looked, “great.” I took that as permission to grab a croissant and a handful of chocolate chips when I walked in the door back at home.

As I noshed, I checked the weather report for tomorrow morning. It’s 80 degrees and cloudy in Raleigh today, but tomorrow will be 50 and raining. I’m so excited to run again, I don’t even mind if it’s wet or cold. I think I’ll wear my Lululemon pants with the rain repellant fabric on the front and the cinch ties at the bottom. My plan is to do an easy 3-4 to get these bones moving again. I’ll probably listen to some really loud music and smile the whole way.  My route will stay close to home, in order to avoid the broken pavement up my favorite side streets, and I will be checking my time, just to gauge my pace.

I grabbed another croissant as I ran out the door to pick up the kids at pre-school. I told myself, as I climbed into the car, that I’ll use up the carbs tomorrow!