RunningSkirts(dot)Com Sub-Zero Review

After months of waiting to wear my RunningSkirts(dot)com Sub-Zero skirt, the weather finally turned cold enough to pull it from its packaging.

I have raved about Running Skirts compression socks (here) since testing them out a year ago, but unsure about proper sizing in the company’s skirts made me hesitant about ordering one (see sizing below). After receiving an email alert from Schwaggle with a link to the RS website giving an additional percentage off of a special list of merchandise, I took the plunge ordering the heartstooth patterned skirt attached to the full length brushed and wicking pant.


As I usually do before making online purchases, I read the reviews and pondered the size chart. Pant sizing is funny for me (skinny legs and not so skinny hips). According to the measurements listed, I would wear a size 3 (10-12), but since I am so rarely a 12, I wasn’t sure this was the best choice.

It turned out that the size 3 is perfect. I would recommend, actually, that if you are a larger size 12, going up to a size 4 might be better. Size eights would definitely want to buy the size 2.

Confused? I was, though it’s not their fault rather the nature of online shopping.


With a flat waistband and continuous drawcord (like Lululemon’s), there was no rubbing at the belly. Also interesting, and possibly a fit characteristic for my body type (apple-ish), the front waist fit a tad higher than the back. I loved this; always prefer a pant this sits a bit higher at the waist (it’s a different story for me when it comes to shorts).


The Sub-Zero is sold as a cold weather running skirt and performs as such. My legs didn’t feel a moment of wind or freeze after five miles in 37 degree temperatures. During my second run in much warmer weather (about 50 degrees), they still felt great; no overheating. When I run long, even in the coldest temperatures, I always (always) burn hot at my wrists and ankles. During my second run, I folded up the bottom portion of the leg and continued on, grateful that they weren’t super tight at the hem; they folded up easily.

More shopping?

Unhappy with the current quality on the newest LLL running tights (I swear the luxtreme is thinner) and more and more feeling the need to cover my rear (I am a 41-year-old grown woman after all), I am interested in trying some of the other skirts in the line.

Next on my list is the Capri Skirt. If it performs even close to the Sub-Zero, it could (quite possibly) be the perfect running bottom made.


Do you run in skirts? How about skirts? Do you shop there?

The skirts come in different patterns. I like the black and white ones as they can go with more colored tops.
The continuous drawcord. When pulled tighter the skirt stayed put. If you’ve ever gotten chafe from a tie at the wast then you know; ow.
The wide, flat waistband.
The logo on the side of the skirt. Barely noticeable.

Back To School Shopping

Back to school shoe shopping is not easy especially with fashion forward four-year olds.

Their father won’t be happy when he sees the Nordstrom bill, but his little ladies will enter “The Fours Room” next Tuesday with Twinkle Toes by Sketchers so blinding that I think I need shades.

It’s perfect timing, actually, since my Zeals have bitten the dust.

Before we left the mall (after making wishes in the fountain) we stopped at the sunglass store where I tried on a Red Ridinghood trifecta of Maui Jim’s; Baby Beach (too small), Cliff House (too big) and Sugar Beach (just right)!

What shoes are your kids wearing back to school? What sunglasses are on their mama’s?


Twinkle Toes = Happy Feet
Bling Bling.. they flash little lights! Is their teacher going to hate me?
Maui Jim Sugar Beach in Rootbeer. Did my research…good for running. They weigh only one ounce, are polarized, and shield-like enough to protect my sensitive eyeballs. Image from

March Goodies – The Hunt For Basics

In the hunt for good basic tees I tweeted my search to the nice people who happen to be following me. My bloggy pal Christine over at Love Life Surf suggested I check out StyleMint, which was created by the ever stylish Olsen twins.

Out of curiosity and desperation I did, and what I found was not only great quality t-shirts, but (in my opinion) a brilliant business model, as well.

The company asks its users to begin by choosing from images that represent their own lives. Once your style type has been chosen you are guided to the showroom where tees of all different variations are modeled based on the image they’ve chosen for you.

All the tees are the same price ($29.99 with free shipping), which is not unreasonable when you compare them to other brands like James Perse or Splendid whose basics are closer to sixty.

Finally, once you’ve bought your first tee there is a recurring charge at the beginning of the month, which you can opt out of if you don’t love or need anything from the new batch that is uploaded. At first I was unsure about this, as I’m not a fan of recurring charges, but it’s the way it works and since you have some time to decide on a purchase (five days), it really isn’t a deal breaker.

The Camden T. 50% pima 50% micro modal.
The Broadway T. Almost sold out.
Prince T in White. 100%cotton.

As my search for great basics continued I came across a newer line created by Joie, called Soft Joie. Their pieces are on the pricier side (ranging from $80 to $150), but as any Internet shopping Queen can tell you, you don’t have to pay full price. Find what you love and check it daily. You might get lucky if it’s not sold out and be able to scoop up your favorites for much less.

Soft Joie Aida Ikat Tee.
Soft Joie Joaquin.
Soft Joie Ronan.

I mostly shop for my girls online for two reasons.

The first is that it’s almost impossible to leisurely carouse when they are hanging off of me or hiding under rounders. It’s patience grading and no fun.

Secondly, they are particular and won’t wear anything that they haven’t picked out themselves. This, I admit, may be the result of a mistake in my parenting.

When looking online I have often asked them what they liked and why. If they say, “Nay,” and I buy it anyway, they won’t wear it. Ever.

Hunting for good basic play clothes has become a challenge. If it’s not covered in ruffles with a skirt that spins, it ends up relegated to the bottom of their drawers.

A line called T2Love may become (fingers crossed) the line to bridge the gap. Their soft cotton essential pieces have girly flair with rugged playtime practicality.

t2 love girls striped side tie maxi skirt
Girls Stripe Side Tie Maxi
T2Love Floral Jersey Short
T2Love Floral Jersey Short
T2Love Floral Lace Tank
T2Love Floral Lace Tank. I love this print!

Happy shopping!

Retail Therapy

Yesterday Peach and I took the girls to the mall at Southpoint. It turned out to be a really successful trip!

I found a skirt at Anthropologie that we decided was perfect for church, which is ridiculous because I ony go to church twice a year; once at Christmas and at once in the Summer at the chapel in Maine. I also got a great pair of red pants, ankle length, not too low at the waist, a little stretchy, ideal for the annual Fourth of July beach party.

Peach found the most amazing navy knit dress (navy is her color). The top was loose and blousy, but the waist was fitted and then flared into the perfect length swingy skirt. She said it was, “meant for her,” and felt “French.” It was bit sheer, so I told her she had to wear a slip of some sort. We joked that she could wear it on a date without a slip, which would ensure a return call from “Mr. Wonderful.” Dating is never easy, but when you are as fabulous and independent as my Peach, I think the old guys can’t handle the heat. Old guys are just like young guys; from Mars, only set more vehemently in their ways.

She also found a gorgeous khaki colored sweater coat that fell right to her knees with a detachable fur collar. The waist had a self tie that hit at the perfect place; not too low, not too high. Whenever we shop, I always, ask who made it and I guess I wasn’t really surprised that it was Michael Kors. It looked like him, but his stuff can be hit or miss. This time it was a hit.

We saved the children’s section at Nordstrom for last. Grace practically pulled my arm out of the socket to get there when we tried to divert our path, in an effort to meander through the bags and hats. I left Sophie with Peach and we rushed over.

Like their mother, my kids love clothes. They have a really clear sense about what appeals to them, which I love.

We almost got out of the store without buying anything when we came across the Hello Kitty rain jacket with ruffles across the back. The pink ones in their size were gone, so I had Grace try on the green. When we realized there was only one in a 5/6 Sophie began to melt down, so we coaxed her to the register where we convinced her that the nice lady would ask the mail man to send two; one for her and her sister. With twins you always have to buy two!

As I sat on a comfortable bench waiting for Peach to finish up buying a few presents for my nieces and nephew, I wondered if I was teaching my kids a bad lesson with yet another adventure in retail.

Nope, I decided. I’m not.

Retail therapy is not only about the act of the purchase. The entire shopping experience appeals to the senses; seeing, feeling, touching, hearing and a trip to the food court for smelling and tasting.

As long as you aren’t being irresponsible and spending what you don’t have, there is nothing wrong with a fun day of shopping with the gals. It’s a bonding experience over likes and dislikes; over sparkly high heels that you’d never wear and beaded bikini’s you wish you could.

Retail therapy is one thing, but hunting for the perfect wedge is another. If anyone comes across a two inch high Rachel Comey-like cloggish sort of shoe with a slightly pointed (just slightly), but definitely not rounded toe, would you let me know?

Hunting in retail is a total different animal.