Back To School Shopping

Back to school shoe shopping is not easy especially with fashion forward four-year olds.

Their father won’t be happy when he sees the Nordstrom bill, but his little ladies will enter “The Fours Room” next Tuesday with Twinkle Toes by Sketchers so blinding that I think I need shades.

It’s perfect timing, actually, since my Zeals have bitten the dust.

Before we left the mall (after making wishes in the fountain) we stopped at the sunglass store where I tried on a Red Ridinghood trifecta of Maui Jim’s; Baby Beach (too small), Cliff House (too big) and Sugar Beach (just right)!

What shoes are your kids wearing back to school? What sunglasses are on their mama’s?


Twinkle Toes = Happy Feet
Bling Bling.. they flash little lights! Is their teacher going to hate me?
Maui Jim Sugar Beach in Rootbeer. Did my research…good for running. They weigh only one ounce, are polarized, and shield-like enough to protect my sensitive eyeballs. Image from

Girls in Glasses

Sun glasses can’t make you run faster, but they can benefit a runner in other ways.

Not only do they protect against UV rays, they act as a guard to the elements and shield ones emotions from the people driving by. They are my protection from the big wide world while I’m out there exposed; the only guard I have when running all alone.

My Keanon’s have proven to be a good addition to the gear goodies. They don’t look like typical running glasses, like those Oakley’s, all narrow and alien shaped. They are big and square with polarized lenses to reduce the glare. The best part is that they haven’t fogged up; a killer to a fun run on a pretty sunny day.

If you aren’t running in glasses, you should be.

Note to self... clean the bathroom mirror and get a better lightbulb!