Miami Marathon 2013

As soon as the girls were asleep I hopped online to check the New York City Marathon 2012 lottery results.

When it was clear that my New York hopes had been dashed I scooted over to Twitter to find lots of friends in the same boat.

Run to Munch wrote a great post about her own shattered dream. I saw it pop into my mailbox as I typed tweety responses to my new friends in the blogosphere.

The running community was busy. It was almost as exciting as the learning the lottery results themselves.

As if the clouds had lifted, the possibilities and choices opened up and the options became limitless.

I had figured I’d run the City of Oaks Marathon should I be Out of New York, but after seeing the hoopla surrounding NYC 2011 (and Boston, oh my) I knew that my next race needed to be bigger than little old Raleigh could provide for me.

Miami 2013 is far enough away that I have time to dream and train, run half marathons as practice, worry, hope and write!

It will be my first weekend away from the children who by then will have just turned five. Time to fly the coop I think. They will be fine, right?

Joanna is in. My great friend Sandra is strongly considering it. Who else? Who else!

I’m dreaming of crossing the finish line already!

Is there anything more exciting than a new dream?

The Loews Miami Beach Hotel. We stayed here when I ran the Miami 2010 Half Marathon. It's a gorgeous hotel!
Grace and Minnie by the pool.
Sophie beach running.


Recovering from my next marathon would be much more effective/productive/delicious happening here. To the right of the pool is an umbrella with my name on it! I also foresee a fruity cocktail and lunch brought on a tray!

So Yesterday

Isn’t it funny how things work out? Yesterday I was recovering from the flu, still too sick to run the City of Oaks Half Marathon that I was so looking forward to. I was blue.

This morning my girls woke up with happy faces. They dressed themselves for school, Sophie did her breathing treatment without any drama, both ate leftover chicken noodle soup that their dad had made for me when I was feeling crummy, got to school on time, and I felt good enough to run.

The weather is the best kind for running! Sunny, mid 50’s, cool enough to be comfortable and bright enough to see everything around me. I knew I should take it easy, so I opted for my favorite loop; a quick 4 miler, hilly and through some pretty neighborhoods. I mapped my run when I got back to confirm my mileage (3.84 actually), and indeed I took it easy. I averaged an 11:56 minute mile. To some, that it practically walking. They are probably right. For me though, my heart was working at a moderate pace and my legs felt light. I was listening to music, but could still think about all the things I wanted to write about for my runninginmommyland blog.

I am tempted to complain that today should have been yesterday. I have recently accepted, wholeheartedly (as opposed to sort of thinking it, but not believing), that “IT” is already written and everything happens as it should. This philosophy is becoming clearer all the time, but yesterday needed to happen for me to be reminded. So here’s a big, “THANK YOU, YESTERDAY!” If it hadn’t been for you, today wouldn’t have been nearly as fab!