Love and Pain

My attempt to run zen-like yesterday turned into a 9.6 miler. It occurred to me, while on the road, that running and yoga only have so much in common. One of the biggest differences is with yoga, if it hurts, you stop. As I hit 5, and then 6, parts of my body spoke out to remind me that they were there, and they needed a little attention.

I like the pain. I often think that people who run long miles must be masochists.  When my right hip said, “OH, HI!” I was forced to acknowledge that familiar flexor who is usually the first to scream.  I always slow down a bit when a new pain surfaces and am surprised when said pain subsides.

Pain when running happens (unless of course it’s an injury, which is totally different). I haven’t read a single marathoning blog, book or magazine article that suggests one can run that far without some discomfort.

As soon as I noticed my mind moving onto other things, and that my hip wasn’t so bothersome, I wondered who was next?

Throughout my 9.6 yesterday I was reminded that I had toes, a right shoulder-blade, quads (Holy quads), a left calf, and a left inner thigh (who says I must never run long miles in a skirt again).

The funny part that I have learned to love, is that as I keep going, as the pain in the parts subside, it turns into strength that helps to motor my body forward.

Yesterday I accepted (what for me is) a new truth. Yoga and running are way different. And like my children, I love them both for being exactly who they are!