Getting it Done

My attempt to rise at 5:30 this morning was futile. My determination to run with the masses at a cool but ungodly hour had failed.

Instead, I drifted back to sleep after hitting the slide snooze, only to have a nightmare that woke me angry that I’d flaked on the activity and opted for sleep.

Subconscious punishment is the very worst kind.

Now that we’ve returned to Raleigh my eagerness to get back to a normal schedule is like a looming monster poking at me to get it done.

But Mr. Monster is not helping me get it done, rather scaring me into submission.

In order to get back to myself, closer to my healthy self (consistent running, yoga, mindful eating, consistent creative exorcism), I’ve got to just do it.

As my mother would say, “It’s like eating an elephant; one bite at a time.”

Elephant. Meet Monster. Now both of you, Shoo!