Run, Walk, Run, Plank, Eat, Nap

The Jeff Galloway program follows the philosophy that strategic walk breaks can help your overall time, lessen fatigue, and help you run farther with very little to no injury. I signed up a few weeks ago even though I was unsure about the walking bit. Do real athletes walk? Apparently, many of them do.

My plan this morning was to run to Raleigh Running Outfitters; a 2.6 mile jaunt from home. The first Galloway Group run would occur there at seven a.m. and we were advised to arrive early around 6:45 to figure out the best pace groups to join.

I had read the program book, which stipulates the pace guidelines. Take your magic mile (80% of your full capacity for one mile) and multiply it by 1.3 for marathon training, 1.2 for a half. Once the calculation is done roughly two minutes are tacked on for walking breaks and another minute for every five degrees above sixty.
It was still a bit confusing to me, so I spoke with some of the Galloway Oldies and we determined that the 10.5 group might be a good fit. I can always move up or down in the weeks to come.

There were four hundred people gathered together and waiting to go. Once announcements were made we were off, up Six Forks and down something known as the Greenway. I thought I knew all of North Raleigh as I’d trained hard on these roads, but the Greenway, hidden behind an unfamiliar neighborhood, was a four person wide path with sheltering trees and running brooks. I partnered up with Carol (a young and friendly first year Kindergarten teacher) and we ran behind Kelly (one of the pace group leaders) and Katie-Rose who had just signed up for her first marathon (the Marine Corps in the Fall).

I felt like I was amongst my people. My tribe. Kindred spirits who hurled words of encouragement toward other runners at turnarounds and upon passing by.

We ran an easy three miles with a three to one ratio; run three minutes, walk one, run another three, and so on.

The pace seemed good (maybe a touch fast), but since I’d been up since 3:30 with two sick kids I figured I’d cut myself some slack. Grace fell prey to the virus exactly 2.5 days after her sister. As predicted and right on schedule.

There was a lot of talking going on during the run, which I’m not used to. Running with talking takes up more energy than running with books. Even saucy books like 50 Shades.

Speaking of 50 Shades, after the group was dismissed I high tailed it home listening to the second of the series, while trying to adhere to the three to one ratio. My Garmin had died, so I chose to watch the clock on my phone to stay close to the time allowances despite not knowing my accurate pace.

Eight miles completed before 8:30 and on very little sleep.

Upon my return I rolled out my sore gluteals and calves (much to Sophie’s delight) and completed two of my three planks for the day.

Angela a.k.a. Happy Fit Mama and I had been tweeting recently about the art of planking. I was curious to know the best way to get the most bang for your planking buck and it seemed that I needed to get lower. Plank position with flat arms and hands has been added to the newest daily challenges. My squishy abdominals (and back and sides) are thanking me already.

My post run fuel was decided for me as Brian was in the process of working on a beautiful breakfast when I appeared in the kitchen; eggs, chopped potatoes, ham and cilantro wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. I added a little avocado and some tomatoes before creating the “lunch” in the My Fitness Pal application on my phone.

I showered and napped, but couldn’t coax the girlies down to slumber. Success in dreamland did eventually arrive, but the nearby sounds of reading and playing didn’t allow me complete rest I needed and I woke after an hour to a drum-like banging on the closet doors (stinkin kids).

I roused and re-entered Mommyland looking forward to the night.

Sleep will come and it will be sweet. Quiet, long and sweet…….

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I’m Martha; a 41-year-old mom to twin girls who runs to stay sane and fit and balance the damage I can do with a bag of Oreos or a non portion controled bowl of ice cream (or two).

I consider myself a yogi having practiced for the past twelve years. Although I was blessed with a very bendy back, I struggle with core strength and still find it hard to get into the most binding and/or complicated (read beautiful/power filled) poses. Still I try, always returning to the mat for another go.

I love books and read when I can, but in my crazy busy world have become a a huge proponent of audiobooks (terrific tucked into my pocket when doing the dishes, folding laundry or just about any other mind numbing “mommyland” chores).

I write because I must; because it’s my outlet and my love. I am learning not to judge my work (not allowing myself to delete old posts) and am accepting that my job is to write and let the words speak for themselves.

I began Running in Mommyland as a way to document my life as I trained for my first marathon in March 2012. It’s been quite the adventure earning me new friends from across the globe and a serious addiction to social media (in all of its new and changing forms).

The marathon came and went (5:14) and was the culmination of a lifelong dream. New dreams and goals have been laid and I will run my next marathon (Miami 2013) in better shape, with a better plan and with a speedier time. and though struggling with a quadrecpt injury has forced me to reassess Miami 2013, I know for certain there will be another marathon in my future.

I should mention that I am not a doctor or a specialist of any kind. All of my opinions about training and health, food, fashion, child rearing, writing, etcetera, are my own.

Glad to have you visit and message me anytime!