Mommy Has Tantrums Too

Tired girls throw tantrums. I threw one this morning.

As soon as Brian came downstairs I started the kvetch about my exhaustion. I ignored Grace’s crying for me to pour her milk and instead growled, “Have your father do it!”  I stomped upstairs, slammed my bedroom door, and threw the blanket right over my head. It was a little tantrum, but it worked. The kids left me alone and I slept from 8:15 to 9.

To all my lovely clickers who read this mornings post entitled Dear Santa, Please forgive me for my lack of good editing.  I usually hem and haw over hitting the publish button, but this morning I didn’t. I hate it when that happens.

To my husband, himself a part-time clicker (who may or may not not read this), thanks for doing daughter duty this morning and allowing me the (almost an) hour nap I sorely needed. Next time though, when I’m not around and the girls ask for that ziplock bag filled with colorful “candy balls” high in the pantry, don’t believe them when they say, “Mommy says we can have them.” Those balls were gum. When you weren’t looking,  Sophie hid the bag behind the sofa and spent the morning chewing and swallowing them.

To my kids, Moms get crabby too. Sorry if I was mean and snappy. When you asked me to go to the play room to attach the ladder to the doll house again, after I had already done it once, I was really frustrated. Sometimes I just wish you could do more things on your own and rely on me a little bit less. I know there will come a day when I’ll wish for you to need me for stuff, but this morning was not it. I know you know that I was tired and I love you even when you are bossy and won’t let me sleep. I don’t like it, but you I love!

After my rest I came down to check out the damage. Brian had fed the girls and the toy explosion that usually happens when I’m off duty was manageable. Brian left for work, the girls played, and I partook in a good dose of “healthy” Internet shopping (fill the bag and don’t hit purchase) until back upstairs we went. I started more laundry, cleaned off the bed that my mother-in-law will sleep in when she arrives tomorrow, and got into the shower.

Afterward, I gave my face a good cream dousing (Eucerin, if you are interested) and patted on some acid laced eye cream from Sephora.  I put on my cozy hooded thermal that my sister gave me on her first visit to Raleigh and my wide legged Lucy yoga pants. They have a fold over waistband that makes it look like a skirt is attached. Between the “skirt” and the wide legs, I looked thin enough to trick myself into believing that the chocolate chips and half bag of marshmallows I ate after breakfast didn’t happen.

Isn’t it funny how a little nap, some moisturization, and comfy yoga pants can turn a ho-hum day into an I’m-doing-the-best-that-I-can-and-it’s-all-okay kind of day? I’m feeling pretty good now.

Perspective is everything.

The Gear Goodies

Since I can’t write about an actual run today, I figured I’d write about one of my favorite things; winter running gear!

Back in the day, when I first started to run, I would wear a plain old t shirt, sweatshirt, and whatever leggings I had on hand. I remember buying a fleece hat from the Gap to keep my ears protected. I looked like a goof.  My arsenal of goodies has (thankfully) gotten much more functional and cute, and has upped my game, sincerely.

I’ll go from head to toe!

Zeal Optics are the sunglasses I’ve been wearing for about a year. Their website is down but they can be found on amazon. They also have a great facebook page filled with photos of athletes wearing their glasses and goggles. I love my Orb’s. They are shaped a little like goggles, a little like aviators (big ones), so they block out a lot of gunk, wind, and other irritants when I’m on the run. They also make a great headband (a must in my book). If it’s too dark out, I can put them on top of my head and forget that they are there. Love them!

Lululemon Running Toque’s and  wide headbands have made my winter runs bearable. I loathe cold ears, so I never leave the house without one or the other. The ones I have are made of luon, though I believe they’ve changed the name of the fabric this year; it’s now called rulu, for running luon. They also have a Brisk Run Headband that I probably should get, since it’s even wider than the headband to cover the entire ear. My neck warmer from them has been a lifesaver when it’s freezing outside as well.

I have boobs, which I try my hardest to strap down. For years I wore two bras, but have found success with the Moving Comfort Fiona.  It has a racer back and three hooks and eyes that help to hold me in really well and minimize bounce.

Because of the boobs, I never like running tops on me. I have tried them all, but am too self conscious. I have many from Lululemon (the run swiftly really performs nicely), Nike, Oiselle (love their short sleeve shirts for Summer), to name a few. The top I reach for the most is the Seamless Athletic Tee From Target. I like that it is thicker and fits close, but doesn’t show every bump and lump. It’s cheap too, at $24.99, so I don’t feel so bad blowing my nose on my sleeve when I run out of kleenex. Runners do what they have to do. Believe me, I have heard of worse!

I often like vests to keep my chest warm. Any will do from hi-brow to low, from L.L. Bean to Lulu. In the dead of winter I layer with pullovers and Lululemon always comes out with fantastic ones. My favorite is the Alpine from last year. The Define Jacket, made of Luon, is great too. They both fit close, which helps me feel warm, but wick so I don’t get clammy with drying sweat.

Last year, when I first learned of Lucy Athleticwear, I ordered a pair of their Propel Capris and a pair of the Propel Tights. I’m often a 10/l in bottoms, but customer service said I should order a medium. I’m glad I did. They have a bit of compression, which is nice and keep me toasty. I have heard good things about C-WX Pro Compression Tights, so they are on my list of things to try in the next couple of months.

I am in need of new running socks and was going to restock my Lulu No-Show Ultimate or my trusty Nike 6 pack, but I recently tried Zensah Compression Socks and love them. I think I might try a few other brands and see which I like best. The RunLove Running Compression Socks from are adorable (they have hearts on the calves). The black ones are backordered until November 30, but I definitely want to try them.

When I was training for my first half marathon last year, I went to my favorite Raleigh running store to get my gait analyzed and to try to pick the best running shoe for me. I was surprised to learn that I needed a neutral shoe. The Mizuno Wave Rider 13 in a half size larger (9) than my regular shoe size (8 1/2) that I bought that day were fantastic. I found that I am the kind of runner who likes to “feel the ground.”  I always thought I preferred cushioning, since I’m (ahem) a little cushioned myself. I bought two more pair of the 13 and figured I’d be fine buying the Wave Rider 14 online. Dumb move. It turns out that the 14 fit shorter in length than it’s predecessor and I spent the Spring and Summer running in shoes that didn’t fit properly. In July I ran the Old Port Half, in Portland, Maine and struggled the entire way. My toes were cramped, and at mile 9 I wanted them to just fall off. I went back to Raleigh Running Outfitters in September and they sized me up in the 14 (a whopping 9 1/2). I wasn’t so sure they’d work, but again I was wrong. The moral of the story; get fitted by people who know about running shoes instead of being new models online. Lesson learned.

The Zensah Compression Socks and the enormous Mizunos

Finally, I couldn’t run long distances without my belt. For the past few years I have strapped on the GoLite HydroSprint Women’s Pack, but I’ve recently purchased the Classic Collection 4 Bottle Fuel Belt. I was hoping to use it tomorrow for my 11 miler, but that will have to wait until the ankle is feeling a lot better and the swelling has gone down.

Oh, and how could I forget my favorite Gu? The Vanilla Bean is delicious! I actually crave it when I’m not running!

What do you love? Any of the goodies on my list?