Strategic Planning and the Galloway Group

Tomorrow I’m heading to Garner, North Carolina for a running seminar with Olympian Jeff Galloway. It’s the kick off to the new season of the Galloway Group, the training program I’ve signed up for and will be a part of over the next seven months.

The Galloway Program credits walking breaks to negate fatigue over the long haul. It also believes that walking breaks do not negatively affect overall finish times when used strategically. Better strategy will be imperative for me in Miami.

The group has team leaders separated by pace and I’m hoping that I’ll meet some of them tomorrow. I love talking game and it will be great to have people who can instruct me toward becoming a better/faster/more efficient runner.

In the meantime I quick drove the girls to school with a bunch of roses from the backyard for teacher appreciation and will now attempt a medium length run of six to seven miles. I don’t know how it will go, though, since the heat has sent me home early lately; I am a much better winter runner.

This afternoon the girlies and I will congregate with our playground group. I love seeing the moms and wonder if they have any idea how much I gain from our conversations.

Last but not least I will attempt to find balance/peacefulness/forgiveness in the two most difficult areas of my life; those being the husband (and his wicked tongue) and the foods that give me strength to put up with said husband. The undeniable power of the donut (or a fat piece of chocolate or two dozen cupcakes) will not sooth me today. Instead, moderation and smiles will bring forth the love.

Om and Happy Friday!


Rest Day Tuesday

Today is a rest day and rest days are hard for me. I feel strong, so I want to run! I know, though, that in order to ensure I’ll get through marathon day without injuries (or at least as few as this old bod can manage), I’ve got to follow the rules. As I mentioned in my first post, I’m following the Hal Higdon Novice 1 training plan. The plan starts with lower weekly mileage than I’ve been running, so I began at week 8. I spoke to my endocrinologist about this and he agreed that I should start where I actually am, and not go backward. My long runs, before making the final decision to run a marathon, were about 9-10 miles. I’ll probably run 10 one week and then bounce down to 6-7 and work my way back up until I actually hit Novice 1 week 8.

In addition to, I like the mileage build up plan on I started in the middle of the build up plan too, but I’m not sure if i’ll be able to keep up with the actual marathon training plan. It’s really long mileage, much longer than the Novice 1.

I’ve looked at lots of other plans, including Runner’s World and Jeff Galloway, but the two I’m sticking with at the moment seem to be working.

A good friend of mine told me to find a group to run with. Unfortunately, the Jeff Galloway group is winding down it’s season. The other groups in Raleigh have runs that won’t work with my lovely schedule. A few mom’s at the girls’ pre-school have offered to run with me, but I know for a fact that they are MUCH faster than me. It is possible to run with them, during the week, but, I’m such a chicken. I don’t want to hold them back or to push myself too hard.  No, at this point I’m going to go it alone. I won’t lie though, it would be nice to share the experience with some like minded mama’s!