Hospital Waiting Rooms Are Germy

My husband is hardly ever sick. When he does get a bug, he still manages to go to work (or work from home if he’s really germy). For him to tell me that he wants to go to the hospital means that he’s in bad shape. He can barely straighten up to walk.

I dropped him off at the entrance to the ER and helped him out of the car. I parked and then started to walk around to the passenger side to grab the laptop bag. I realized I parked terribly and went back to the driver’s seat, re-aligned the Sequoia with the door open, felt much better about my placement between the white lines, and finally did grab the computers.

Brian was given a pager, for when the Triage nurse is ready for him.  We wait.

I’m really sorry that hubby is hurt. If we weren’t sitting amongst the germiest people in Raleigh, I might actually be enjoying myself. The girls are with Peach and I’m going to write, surf, and listen to the Christmas music coming through the ceiling speakers.

Let’s pray I don’t get sick 2-5 days from now.

Mele Kalikimaka!