It Was All Yellow

I had planned on hitting the road this morning for my first run back, but the pollen that poofed from the pine trees in Raleigh is too thick, covering everything living and dead with a coat of yellow dust.

Instead of pushing it and risking a sinus infection, plus the fact that overall I feel a little “spent,” means it’s a good time to take it easy and do a little cleanse.

Cleansing typically means a hiatus from the gunk that is consumed too often. This equals less empty calories ingested overall as the organs moves to absorb the easily digested juices and nutrients from the whole foods that are being consumed (in my case only at lunch). The body begins to reboot by flushing out the yuck that has been festering inside. It’s a process that takes a little while, which scares some people off. I, having done this once before, have seen the benefits first hand and am excited to give it another go.

With less calories being consumed from sources that are considered to be a problem for some (dairy, red meat, wheat, caffeine and sugar), comes what I describe as the lovely day 1 headache.

Instead of complaining or fixating or reaching for the coffee to make it go away, I have spent my morning at Whole Food collecting the good stuff (more chia, almond milk, flax meal, beautiful greens, etc.) and have an afternoon play date scheduled where I’ll spend my time holding a very small and sweet newborn.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and total health will not happen overnight, but every little step is one closer in the appropriate direction.


The Clean Cleanse
Gorgeous just pulled from the ground spinach.
Spinach, 2 kinds of kale, 1/2 cucumber, 1 tiny beet, 3 carrots, 2 celery stalks, and 3 small apples. Looks a little like frothy coffee, but without the same zing.

Taper Brain

I have taper brain. I’m scattered, anxious, nervous, tired, hungry and unable to make too many decisions.

It would be wonderful to be able to write something substantial describing the past few days, but it’s too much of a challenge.

All I want to do is run. I dreamed of the race last night.

It was sunny with a sideways drizzle and I realized I needed the long running pants I tried at Lululemon on Thursday. I didn’t buy them, because of taper brain; the making decisions part. I’m going back today to complete the arsenal of race day gear.

It’s early now, but I think it best to dress and go.

Eight miles are on the agenda for this Saturday before the Expo.

The kids will be with Peach today. The husband and I have a date.

I hope we don’t kill each other. The last time we tried to enjoy each other’s company ended in a yelling match. He thinks I love the marathon more than him. I tried to explain taper brain, but it’s hard for people to understand who haven’t experienced it. It’s hard for me to explain and I’m going through it.

Nine days to go.

I can’t think in a straight line, but one thing is clear. I haven’t been this excited for anything in a long long time!

A Lesson and a Plan

Once upon a time I hired a personal trainer. Her name was Michelle and she looked exactly like Sheryl Crow.

Michelle was the first person to teach me some of the basics regarding running and weight training. Real weight training like the boys do. Free weights equaled liberation!

I had never been in better shape than I was during that time, nor have I since. Michelle was a genius. But her genius was not just in the art of sculpting a body; she had a gift for teaching the keys to living a healthy life. She taught lessons that stuck. I wish I knew where to find her today if only to say, “Thanks!”

I remember once, after canceling a few appointments due to illness, Michelle pressured me to come in and see her. I dragged my sicky self to her studio, below street level at the end of Polk Street (in San Francisco) that wasn’t scary. She eased me into some leg work, a bit of free-standing arms, finished off with floor crunches and assisted stretching. In the end I felt new.

The lesson was this: When you’ve been immobile for even a short period of time, the muscles in your body get used to that state. And fast. They need to be moved so that their memory is revived and can then assist the rest of the body, which speeds recovery.

On day four of this dreadful sickness I am reminded of her lesson. As I re-enter the land of the living, tomorrow will be the day the muscles get the tiniest challenge. Maybe I’ll hit the mat for some easy breezy vinyasa? Maybe I’ll do a little Pure Barre crunchy work/upper body planky work? Maybe I’ll just walk the neighborhood and finish Vendela’s book. Only tomorrow will tell.

Even though I won’t be completely back on track, it’s good to have a plan.

Mommyland To Do List

After a food and wine filled weekend in Virginia, I decided to get back to the plan yesterday.

I had neglected an entire list of Mommyland chores the week prior, so yesterday was an exercise in diligence. I checked off each to do box, one after another, and felt a little more in control of my situation by the time the girls went to sleep last night.

One of my goals for the day was to do some juicing. I am in desperate need of vegetables and nutrients in my diet, and since I lack the gene necessary for interesting and delicious cooking, juicing gets it done. Plus, the girls like to help me, so I feel like they are getting a lesson in healthy living.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos, something’s up with the camera.

Kid and Kale
Cucumber, kale, celery, beets and apples.

My race is now 16 weeks away. I went back to look over Hal Higdon’s plans and have decided that Novice 2 is where I should be. I am jumping in at week 3, which is fairly easy with the long run at only 6 miles. Yesterday I logged 3.5, and will attempt 5 today. It’s pouring rain right now, so maybe mom will watch the girls this afternoon so I can go. I’m dying to get to Jen’s vinyasa tomorrow while the kids are at school. I hate to play favorites (I really do love each and every Evolve teacher), but Jen’s class is the perfect mix of flow, intensity, and centeredness. I’m going to try my hardest to make it there.

Yesterday’s to do list only has a few more boxes to be checked off; pay pre-school tuition, finish unpacking and fold the enormous pile of laundry.  There will be a few moments of gratification when it’s done, and then I’ll probably sigh.

Before that occurs, though, as inevitably happens, the next list has begun to write itself. The tree needs its ornaments, the presents I’ve already gathered need to be wrapped, and the baby jesus lights need to be untangled. December is on its way.