Dearest Dixie Chicks

Dear Dixie Chicks,

Please get back together.


Three of your biggest fans

Get Inspired

Searching for inspiration is tough when ho-humnity is the name of your game, and your job is to write things that people want to read.

It’s better, then, to turn off the part of the brain that refuses to cooperate and focus on the activities that generate tidings of comfort and joy.

Here is the plan:

1. The kids and I browsed Pinterest this morning and found a graphic designer named Sarah Walsh whose aesthetic interests (pins) spoke to my brain on the side that doesn’t use words. The kids became so inspired by Sarah’s Illustration Station board that they are currently, quietly content at their own art table creating what I know will be framable works of art.

Somewhere in this messy house of mine is a beautiful set of art pens (hidden so the kids wouldn’t use them, but where could they be?) that I must (MUST) find today. Expression through art is necessary in this time of angst (divorce, divorce, divorce).

2. Outside my windows is a dark grey sky; the kind that makes me wonder if the sun is ever going to rise. No matter, I will be bundling my bod (from top of head to tip of toes) as I exit for an early morning run.

It will probably be brutally cold, hurt on a cellular level, but the results will be warmed blood, a regenerated system, and hopefully some adrenaline to push me through my day.

3. Later today, I’m taking my kids to vote. The lessons that I hope they’ll learn will outweigh the irritation that might occur from bored kids pulling on my clothes or the uncomfortable squeeze and tight proximity of three inside a voting booth.

“Women have rights, girls. They have the right to choose who they think should be the boss of America.Once upon a time women weren’t allowed to vote. People with different colored skin weren’t allowed to vote. Ridiculous, right? I don’t know who is going to win today, girls, but I pray he is able to do a good job. We are lucky to live in the United States of America. We are lucky and blessed to have freedom.”

Freedom. The ultimate inspired thought.

What do you do when you are struggling for inspiration? Do you change your focus or just plow though?


Sophie’s Girl on Swing.

What a Wednesday!

Wednesday is weakening my wesolve (wink, wink) leaving me less than perky.

A daughter’s “nightmarer” made the sleeping touch and go and the morning hours rough.

Ninety-nine percent humidity on this October the third? My sweaters and boots are waiting more patiently than I.

Getting out of stretchy pants at some point today might have helped. Instead I look like I could roll right back into bed, which most likely will happen when it’s time for little people to hit the hay; snuggle in and dream until Thursday.

If I hadn’t been searching for a Wednesday image, though, I wouldn’t have come across Christian Petersen’s terrific work. Could this print be any cuter or more apropos?

What about your Wednesday? Wonderful or wacky or weird or whatever…?


Wednesday Addams Quote Poster - 11x17 Typographic Illustration Inspired by the Addams Family
Wednesday Addams Quote Typography Illustration close up by Christen Petersen.
Wednesday Addams Quote Poster - 11x17 Typographic Illustration Inspired by the Addams Family
11″ x 17″ print as it looks in frame. Available at The Geekerie @Etsy.

Not Like the Movies

Having just returned from a gorgeous five mile run with the iPhone on shuffle, I wanted to find the video for Katy Perry’s Not Like the Movies, which I’d heard half way through my sweaty excursion.

As happens every time I hear the song, the words hit me in the softest part of my heart. In my humble opinion it’s her most beautiful work yet; surprising that it hasn’t been on the radio as much as the others.

Some people say that the song is about a girl not finding her prince. I think it’s the opposite. I think it’s about knowing that he is out there somewhere and that love should be like it is in the movies! In that, there is hope.

How do you interpret it?  Do you think it’s as pretty as I do?



Today was the first day back to school and we piled into the car with backpacks empty except for spare sets of clothes, feet in socks and flashing Sketchers, bug spray to ward of playground mosquitos and girls who weren’t sure they were ready to go.

As I pulled out of the driveway I remembered how lousy morning car radio is for children. Too much talk and not enough music, tragic for little girls who get their groove on the most (the best) from the back seat of my Sequoia.

So, as I do when they just can’t stand the sound of the canned laughter and strange manly voices, I cued up song eight of disk one; Madonna’s, “What it Feels Like for a Girl.” It calms them and we listen to the breathy lovely lyrics describing what it’s like for our kind.

Incidentally, since we’re on the subject, I, depressed from the season enders (True Blood) and the almost season enders (Weeds) and the not yet started (Dexter) went on demand last night to watch the relatively new HBO show entitled Girls.

Girls, it turns out, is so amazingly written I can’t even describe the level of writing without sounding clichéd (genius, and such). It’s written, directed, acted and produced by the talented Lena Dunham (executive produced by Judd Apatow). Lena plays a writer named Hannah who thinks she might be the voice for her generation, but it’s the creator who very well might be. If you haven’t started watching you are missing out. I sure was!

This afternoon after pickup we headed home to a few good hours of house cleaning, which gave me an opportunity to listen to the audible reading of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I’ve reached part two of the novel and I concur with the New York Times; a masterpiece!

I can’t, I won’t, I wish I could tell you….

Just go and buy it and message me when you’re done. You will not be sorry!


Films That Stick

Feeling the need for some artistic stimulation that movie making can provide I scanned the recent releases of the redbox, before wheeling my way through the exit at Harris Teeter.

I had a choice between two, The Descendants with Dreamy Clooney and Melancholia with Kirsten Dunst and equally dreamy vampire Eric Skarsgard.

It took a minute to choose with all that dreaminess, but I settled on Melancholia. Nevermind the men, Kirsten Dunst is always exquisite.

I wish I had the words to describe the movie, but I don’t.

Did I love it? Oh, yes!

Is it for everyone? No. No, it’s not.

To help you decide if the movie might be for you, here and here are two great (yet different) reviews.

What I can say this morning after sleeping on it is that I now have another take my breath away film with imagery will live in my subconscious for life.

Melancholia has earned its place on my list next to Black Snake Moan (2006) and American Beauty (1999).

Fabulous films that stick.

The meringue of the detachable sleeve (wedding bolero?). I die. As the film progresses she looses the sleeves, rips the dress, the hair becomes disheveled, but the veil remains long after the rest are discarded.
Opening scene imagery; computer generated and fantastical!
The famous rose image from American Beauty. A lot of jokes were made about the roses (and the flying plastic bag), but the imagery helped solidify the weightiness of the story.
Screenshot from Black Snake Moan. The scene where Christina Ricci twists herself in her chain to feel safe resonates with me still. Sometimes at bedtime (after a tough day) when I’m resting between the girls, I’ll squeeze my foot down hard in the space between their pushed together beds and I always think of this film. There’s comfort in being held, even if it’s coming from an object and that object has hold of your foot.
Alexander Skarsgard. He makes it hard to stay Team Bill.
Clooney in The Descendants. Next on the rental list.