Red Head

The only thing holding me back from going red is the upkeep.

I was reminded of this recently when exchanging blog comments with Meghan from Sweat Daily(dot)com. Meghan is a blonde gone red, a runner and a hair stylist, who was kind enough to give me the low down on making the change.

Here was her advice:

“RED is the most high maintenance of all the colors. The reason why is because the red color molecule is soooo large that it has a difficult time getting into the hair shaft. And because of this, it fades very easily. Fading is thought to be a negative aspect, but it can actually be quite positive. Because the hair fades, you have opportunity to try whatever color you desire, and can easily switch it up. For example, you can start out with a more vibrant red that may fade to a ginger or strawberry color.”

Yesterday, as I cruised the Interwebz while re-watching every episode of Girls (and the Boardwalk Empire finale thrown in .. ..cause yes), and I came across an image of two of the most perfect redheads on Earth.

It’s enough to make me reconsider the color.

I’ve written before about my love for Christina Hendricks, but Vivienne Westwood (for the non-fashiony-fans) is a legend; a visionary and icon in the industry. My respect for this woman runs deep.

This photo …

I’m calling my hair girl tomorrow.


Ever dyed your hair a radically different color? Did it stick or did you go back au natural?

Incredible redheads Vivienne Westwood and Christina Hendricks, photographed by Greg Williams.

Original Image Source.

10 thoughts on “Red Head

  1. I have been probably every color now, blond, brown, mousy brown, dark brown…and red. Red was by far the most fun. Go for it!

    1. My dark brown faded to my mousy blonde. I figure it’s either go back to highlighting or test out the red. Highlighting is major maintenance!

  2. I just went dark again as the red was SO difficult to maintain – it washes out all over the white tile and grout and then leaves my hair looking pink instead of the vivid red it was originally. Much as I loved it, the more it was washed, the more trashy it felt. I don’t feel ready for the day if I haven’t washed my hair and sometimes I was washing twice a day if I’d worked out…the photo is stunning though:)

    1. I called my hair girl and she can’t even get me in until sometime next week. Kids are out of school for the holiday on Tuesday, so who knows when I’ll get in. I hope I don’t lose my nerve. I won’t go as red as the picture, but I’ve wanted to be strawberry for a long, long time!

      BTW…Joanna… You weren’t kidding about the self-hosting $$$. They weren’t clear @ askimet & vaultpress … sneaky devils!

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