Healthy Eating and the Gingerbread Jerks

It wasn’t the realization of the added ten pounds on the doctor’s scale (at which I cried) or the 2 minute per mile slower running time; not the puffy face in recent photos nor the general feeling of blah. There’s no reason for jump starting the healthy eating plan (again) other than it is time.

For the past two days I ate things like this:

  • A piece of Millet bread with a quarter of an avocado spread like butter, topped with a scrambled egg (and two egg whites) and a spoonful of fresh salsa.
  • Juice made from carrots, celery, apple, ginger, kale, beets, and huge bunches of spinach.
  • Gwyneth’s Detox Chicken over millet with a side of kale chips.
  • Back to Nature’s Multi-Seed Crackers with half a piece of jalapeno cheese and a slice of uncured honey ham.
  • Apples.
  • More juice.
  • Whole wheat crusted chicken nuggets baked in the oven with green beans and tomatoes on the side.

Two days of healthy eating and a small dose of exercise (a three-mile run yesterday), and one would assume I was completely on track.

But there’s always a hitch when it comes to clean eating, this time it came in the form of tiny white-fudge-frosted gingerbread men (120 calories for three) nestled inside a pretty Christmas colored box.

If it weren’t for those sneaky gingerbread men I would have conquered two full days free from processed sugar.


Except their pull over me was too strong that I ate three. And then I ate three more. And the 240 calories I ingested happened faster than you can holler, “KALE!”

The good news is that I got a grip on the situation and stopped. I didn’t go back for more. But I thought about it a lot (a lot, a lot), before running far enough from the kitchen that I was no longer tempted.

One day at a time.

One day at a time.


Do you eat clean or do you struggle? What is it that makes you attack the gingerbread men?

Cute little jerks.
Cute little jerks.

5 thoughts on “Healthy Eating and the Gingerbread Jerks

  1. I try to follow the 90/10 rule: 90% of the time I eat healthy; 10% of the time not healthy. Certainly some days are 80/20, but I can usually adhere pretty well. I always allow myself a treat daily, however. If not, I would just find myself craving it.

  2. Definitely one day at a time. It’s freaking hard and those gingerbread men (and cookies and scones) are very tricky. My cravings and falls off the wagon are definitely tied to my emotional state of mind too and lately I’ve been in a funk hence Cheetos have returned to my life. Step by step and hopefully we can find some balance during the holidays and after.

    1. A little balance would be good. Right now I have to be regimented. Any freedom I give myself easily turns to gluttony. I don’t know how people can do a cheat day or like Carrie says, the 90/10. I feel like all of my eating is emotionally based. I wonder if I’ll ever completely get a grip.

  3. Right there with you sista – 2 months of inactivity have taken their toll – went out for 4 today and thought I might give up forever…good news is I didn’t – oh for that strength to return quickly…we’ll get there again xx

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