Why Blog?

If you are not a blogger you might not be aware of some of the fun things that your “publishing platform” can monitor for you.

In my case (on WordPress) I am able to see how many hits my site has had for the day, the month and the year. I also have access to cool information like the top posts for the day, which can be surprising if and old post gets a ton of hits from out of the blue.

One of my favorite sections is the search engine list which lets me in on the searches that have led readers to my site.

Today I have been located through searches for, “Sgetti honey boo boo,” “Emmy tits,” and “Miami 2013.” Yesterday  I gained a reader through the search phrase “make millet chips,” which I’ve never actually made, but all my talk about kale chips and millet and such makes it easy to understand Google’s minor confusion.

There have been endless interesting search phrases that have led readers to Mommyland and for each I am grateful.

Even the person who yesterday typed, “gorgeously dressed ladies with bare breasts,” is my reader….

Many people have asked why I still blog. My marathon has long ended; the main reason I started it to begin with.

There are a bunch of reasons that I continue.

But today, when the sun never shone and my kids spent way too much time in Crazyland (not to mention my own brain freeze caused by the paperwork pile of divorce affidavits), the smile that crossed my face upon the discovery of a curious reader’s search has proven to be reason enough.

Gorgeously dressed ladies with bare breasts.

I wonder if that searcher found what they were looking for? I wonder if they’ll be back?

Why do you blog? If you don’t have a blog have you ever thought about starting one? What would it be about?


Search number 4 on Google!

11 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. My reasons for blogging vary. Sometimes I just need to write something out, and I practically forget there’s a world of readers who might see what I’ve written! But sometimes I write for an audience in hopes of making a difference or a connection. Like you, I enjoy the section of WordPress stats that shares searching combinations. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Lesley! Aren’t the wordpress stats the best! I love seeing what’s been read or searched!

  2. OMG I get the craziest searches on mine too! Most of them don’t make any sense!!!!
    Its funny that you posted this because I’m kinda going through a “not sure what to do with my blog” phase now that I am pregnant. Even though we aren’t out of the woods yet I still feel like I don’t really fit squarely into one side (infertility) or the other (pregnancy and motherhood), but I will keep blogging because even though my marathon is also over and a pregnancy finish line crossed, for me it became more than that.

    1. Mommy blogging will keep you going for years! You know what’s weird? I never worried for you. Always felt you’d end up with a baby… or two! You’ve jumped a huge hurdle… the next phase will be great!

    1. Right! And the people in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and Russia! Isn’t it awesome to know you’ve reached that far! x

  3. I began my blog because it became a place where I could marry all of my favorite things, ie, running, yoga, parenting, healthy eating, and my quest for happiness. I was never able to “find” my niche so the blog allowed me to create one. I’m a misfit of sorts, and the blog gave me my own little space where I could fit in!

    1. I don’t fit into a niche… I realized the more I blogged that if I was going to make the blog itself a career focus then I needed a niche. Instead, I’m using the blog like you said… to marry all of my favorite things. I’m being more focused on things I send out for submission. I never know, though, where I’ll post until I’m done writing the piece.

      Just read the third part of your cheerleading trilogy. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  4. Some of the search terms that lead people to my site are hilarious. Just makes me wonder what in the world were you looking for and why in the world did you end up on my site?? I blog in order to have a creative outlet, something that is entirely my own. But more and more, I also blog for the connection to other bloggers and an incredible community of folks like you!!

  5. I am so new to blogging, at the minute it is all in my head and soon to be put into writing, I have always wanted to share info with other women and have over the years collected cuttings etc knowing at one stage it would come in useful. This was even before I knew about blogging, my family have always said I am a hoarder, and as I always said to them one day….I have also enjoyed absorbing what other women say as we learn so much from eachother, I have had my “fix” for 15 wonderful years working with mainly women but was worried as I have just left my job and where was I going to communicate with other like minded people, of course a blog, it is such a fantastic community and opens up a whole new world for us.

    1. The blogging community is great and I’ve met some fantastic people. Also, it’s hard work, but the opportunities are there. I have to remind myself sometimes that it will be what it is meant to be. Getting your name out there is just the start! Good luck and have fun!

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