Fall and Winter Gear Goodies

It’s been ages since I’ve written a gear goodies post, so I figured that today is as good a day as any to share some of my recent favorites, both running and yoga related! Until I can run again I will cruise the Internet for more to add to the list.

Hear hear for gear!


Do share… What gear have you found/love/bought lately?

Alo “Practice” Capris $56.00 at Nordstrom. Love that these are dark, but a little more interesting than your average black yoga pant. I love Alo (Air, Land, Ocean). Their stuff fits true to size and can be worn across sports. I’ve worn my Alo yoga shorts for running and they performed great.
Hard Tail roll down pants $78.00. I’ve recently gone back to my Hard Tails as they pass the down dog test (stay put), though with a higher cotton content they don’t wick like a lot of other brands (you will have to run home after class for a shower). Super flattering and true to size, but be advised that the pant version is long so you may need to pay for some alterations.
Pure Karma Lydia Tee $42.00 at Nordstrom. Pure Karma was founded on the belief that “it should not cost extra to do the right thing.” The pricing is incredibly reasonable and the fabrics are luxuriously soft. I’m currently coveting a grey knit cocoon wrap (not pictured online) that’s only $56.00!
Om Shanti Shanti tee by Spiritual Gangster. I absolutely love this company and their clothes. I wear my YOGA block men’s tank and Peace Love Yoga pullover more than I should admit. I also don’t like to practice in tanks, so their t-shirts are a great alternative.
GapFit Motion Seamless Top $39.00. I have the short sleeve version and find it performs and wears great. The fabric fits a lot like Lululemon’s Run Swiftly tees, but is not nearly as delicate (I’ve put a finger through two Run Swiftlys). At more than half the cost they are worth a try.
Runningskirts.com Sub Zero Skirt for winter running $88.00. I had wanted to try this skirt for the longest time and am glad I finally did. The sub zero material is softer and thinner than I thought it would be. While they are described as having compression, I didn’t feel the same kind of tightness usually noticed with compression pants. Despite this, they feel nice and look cute, so…
Oiselle Big Run Long Sleeve tee $39.00. I love Oiselle’s shirts! This one is 50/50 and considered great for shorter runs. Love this one a lot!
Oiselle again! This striped tee is 75% wicking poly 25% cotton. Looks great for longer fall and winter runs.
Lululemon Sun Sprinter on sale in the stores for $39.00. The Sun Sprinter short became my favorite because it has no liner and can be worn over tights for added coverage. One faulty design element is that the side pocket is mesh and can tear if you put too much in there. I stopped using it, but it doesn’t change how much I like the shorts.

8 thoughts on “Fall and Winter Gear Goodies

    1. I’ve been a huge Lululemon fan, but have recently moved away from purchasing everything from them (kept having quality issues). I do love their running gear, though, and those shorts are great!

  1. Um, I pretty much want all of this. I love Oiselle’s designs but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’m worried that it might start another brand addiction 🙂

    1. My oiselle t’s are my favorites. I am trying not to spend any money on new gear right now, I have so much, but if they send out a % off email I know I’m going to buckle! 🙂

  2. Great reviews! I have the same “run” shirt from Oiselle and it’s so comfy I want to wear it all. the. time. The first time I wore it it may have been a little too warm for long sleeve with thumb holes but since it was a short run I just rolled up the thumb sleeve portion and was fine. I know am petite but still found that the XS had super long arms (like I could take 3 inches off and they’d be long still). I’m hoping it’s cool enough to wear it for my 5K this weekend.

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