An Injury in Mommyland

With week one of my marathon training complete I know I should write an update.

But after injuring my right quad the day before week one was to begin, there’s not a whole lot to report. I managed to run fourteen miles even though I took off one of my mid week runs. After yesterday’s eight, whereupon I had to call my husband to come and pick me up (I miscalculated my route and the extra two miles home would have left me completely incapacitated), I’ve decided to take a rest.

My pulled thigh will not heal if I continue to push the plan, so I have committed instead to running zero miles this second week of training.

We will see how week three looks, but my goal right now is to listen to my body and be kind to my whole self.

On the food front, I’ve had my hand in the sugar bowl more than a few times recently, but I’m feeling really fine about my choices. I’ve even added back in some gluten and have not felt any ill effects.

No bingeing, no madness, better decisions are being made all the way around.


Has your training ever been sidelined?

Yesterday’s lunch. Millet bread, a hard boiled egg, avocado, greens and tomatoes. I’ve added some gluten back into my diet, but I like the milllet bread, so that will stay.
This morning’s breakfast, which Grace said, “looked disgusting,” (what does she know)!. Fage plain Greek yogurt, a peach, and Kind’s Maple and Chia Clusters. Another gluten free choice that I’m keeping in my diet. Thank Goodness for Kind… they make some surprisingly deliciously healthy foods.

8 thoughts on “An Injury in Mommyland

  1. Bummer – but amazing on the 14 miles!!! I hate injuries – I am so frustrated – every time I see someone running I am so envious and want to take off next to them! Resting will hasten recovery:)

    1. I probably should have rested all of last week, but I felt like I needed to go go go! I hate seeing people run by me when I know I should be out there. Am trying to look at this little break as a nice thing! πŸ™‚

  2. I have been sidelined for a few months now – but it has forced me to get out of my “fitness rut” which was until recently, running, yoga, running, yoga. I am not sure when I will be back on the trail – but whenever that day is, I look forward to it! I hope you mend quickly!

    1. I am trying to remain zen about this marathon in January. There’s a part of me that feels like…dammit.. I WILL DO IT. But there’s another part that feels like it might be too much with the divorce and everything else. I’m going to play it by ear and see how I feel as time progresses.

      being sidelined stinks! Thanks for the mending wishes… hope you feel better soon, too!

  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the injury. I’ve been there — just remember to listen to your body and not to get back at it too early or you’ll just make it worse (I had severe shin splints once that sidelined me for 2 months because I kept running on them). Hang in there!

    1. I am definitely taking the entire week of. I feel fine this morning, but a pulled quad is deceiving. Must rest!

    1. It’s better, but as much as I’d love to go for a teeny run I have to let it rest a few more days. The wait is hard… mostly because I think so much better when I’m able to run. Not during, but the rest of the day. I know you relate!

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