Doom Gloom Boom

Very early this morning I was startled awake by a gigantic boom from the sky. Bass thunder that rattled my core.

After hugging both of my sleeping kids and assessing my (not yet urgent) need to pee, I contemplated the unfortunateness of a falling tree; should a tree fall me.

Such gloom over the doom of a boom.

It was quiet in between the flashes of light and the noise gradually faded. I kept a hand on top of each kid and tried to think of a song to fit the moment.

Lyrics with a boom….

“Boom, boom, boom lets go back to my room?”

No. Too much zex for this side of four a.m.

“We like that boom boom pow?”

No, I wouldn’t like anything about a falling tree on we three.

“We’re Tigra and Bunny and we like the boom?”

Terrible song technically about a car’s boom, but it would do mostly because my girls would approve of any song that included a bunny.

Do you think of songs to play along with moments in your life; to add to your life’s soundtrack?


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