Getting Paid to Write?

Here is the plan.

Tomorrow I will wake and dress and pack a bag of clean clothes for the day.

Before heading to yoga I will grab the computer and some lunch for later and hit the road on four wheels not to return until closer to dinner.

I will vinyasa until I’m sweaty and then drive my hot reddened self to Peachie’s house where I will shower and set up shop for some serious writer’s work of the non writing variety.

You see, I need a job and so am committing my entire Saturday to the submission of my work. I have contacts for Blogher and Babble and am hoping to unearth a few more blog friendly companies who pay their writers in currency of the greenish kind.

I have got to get this ball rolling as time is limited before I must find a real job with a real paycheck that can pay my very (necessary) and real health insurance. I could go back to teaching (I do miss it sometimes). I could find work in retail (Brian will have the girls on weekends anyway). Wouldn’t it be perfect, though, if I could make a living doing what I really love?

Blogher and Babble require links to previous posts for them to review. Clearly, I’ve got to pick the best ones, which is terribly hard when you are the kind of me that I am; never completely satisfied with my own work/harder on myself than others. It’s a curse.

My husband is not happy about my exodus, but it is essential. Work submission cannot happen with any distractions. I need complete focus. Aerobella the papillon will serve as my warm and fuzzy thinking companion. Rubbing doggy ears between thumb and forefinger is a very good deep thinking strategy.

Will keep you posted.

Any posts of mine that are favorites…that maybe resonated and live somewhere in your memory?

What are your plans for the weekend? 


Blogher, a women’s as network and publishing network. is a website for a new generation of parents Created in 2006, it went corporate in 2011 when it was purchased by Disney.
Her name is Aerobella, but we call her, “Belly.” She has very good thinking ears.



11 thoughts on “Getting Paid to Write?

  1. Martha –
    I stumbled upon your blog many months ago as I was training for my first marathon. I fell in love with your writing style instantly.
    I find your candid way of expressing the things going on in your life to be very real and refreshing.
    Although I love all of your posts I would have to say that one of my favorites is “Cracked Eggs”. A tough subject to discuss in such an open forum, but you did it gracefully, as always.
    I’m rooting for you!

    1. I am so touched by your comments! Thank you so much! I will definitely add Cracked Eggs to my submissions. I wouldn’t have even considered that one!

      Have you run your marathon? Would love to hear how it goes/went!

      1. I did indeed. Besides motherhood I would say it was the hardest/most rewarding thing that I have ever done!
        I had some lofty goals of a 4:30, once I realized that wasn’t going to happen all I focused on was crossing the finish line. I’ll get that 4:30… day!

  2. Me too. Rooting for you. I feel like we need to powwow again about this sometime. Learned some more at FitBloggin this past weekend. There was a session on finding success as a freelance writer with a bunch of resources. Read the live blog on the website (which I did) but it should have some info for you to consider.

    1. We do need to pow wow again. I read your piece about fitbloggin and I was thinking I needed to look more carefully at the freelnace writing info. I’m soooo on the fence right now about whether or not to self host… whether or not to stay on wordpress… committing to more blogging time with fingers crossed that it turns into something. I found out recently that within a month after the divorce I will need to have my own health insurance, so it’s a real risk to put a lot of emphasis (and $$) on the blog. If I take classes to go back to teaching it will ensure a solid future, but I know the blogging will disappear.That would be sad! SO MANY DECISIONS!

      Maybe we need to schedule a phone conference for one of these days! 🙂


      1. Yes. For sure. This week is crazy crazy crazy as is part of next week but let me know and we’ll find a time to chat. I feel like I have some figuring out to do.

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