The Modified Marathon Plan

Monday is the big kickoff to my 18 weeks of marathon training. Instead of doing too much running this week, I am instead mentally preparing for what is to come and also giving myself a tiny break before the big works begins.

I have modified Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 to suit my needs.

Here we go…

Week Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. Sun.
1 Rest 6 Rest 5 Rest yoga 8
2 Rest 6 Rest 5 Rest yoga 9
3 Rest 6 Rest 6 Rest yoga 6
4 Rest 6 Rest 6 Rest yoga 11
5 Rest 6 Rest 6 Rest yoga 12
6 Rest 6 Rest 6 Rest yoga 9
7 Rest 8 Rest 7 Rest ? half
8 Rest 6 Rest 9 Rest yoga 15
9 Rest 6 Rest 9 Rest yoga 13
10 Rest 8 Rest Thanks! 6-8 Rest 17
11 Rest 9 Rest 9 Rest Rest 18
12 Rest 9 Rest 9 Rest Rest 13
13 Rest 5 5 5 Rest Rest 19
14 Rest 5 8 5 Rest Rest 12
15 Rest 8 Rest 7 Rest Rest 20
16 Rest 7 Rest 7 Rest Rest 12
17 Rest 5 Rest 6 Rest yoga 8
18 Rest Rest 5 Rest Rest 2 RACE!

After filling out the tables on my plan I am surprised at the massive mileage I will be expected to run over the course of the next eighteen weeks (even though I’ve done it before).

Of course, I will constantly be checking in, giving myself breaks when needed and/or modifying based on schedules and sick kids and all the other life issues that infringe on my running time.

Note that I have accounted for  the City of Oaks Half marathon (week seven), Thanksgiving (week 10) and also for the final weeks of training when I have a feeling I will want to run shorter mid-week distances more often (weeks 13 and 14 for sure, 11 and 12 are tentative).

Are you in training? What does your plan look like?

Anyone running Miami and feel like being a virtual buddy? 


My bib from marathon #1. Can’t wait for Miami’s.

7 thoughts on “The Modified Marathon Plan

  1. Hi there!
    I will be doing Hal Higdon’s Novice 1. I have tried to complete marathons with no avail, I am tried to retrace and see where I fail. I registered earlier for Miami – I live here – and I expect to follow through this time. My only change is to begin the plan on Mondays, so I am able to spend time with family over the weekends my long runs are time consuming and my poor husband suffers. I will be following you and I let you know when my own posts for the Miami Marathon as ” The slow runner” begin to appear. Best of luck, virtual partner! 🙂

    1. Another Martha! I am so excited to hear from you! Happy to have a virtual partner. Let me know how it’s going (definitely when you post)…I’m a slow runner, too.
      Curious… have you integrated any walking into your plan? I am also using the Galloway approach with the hope for more even splits and energy at the end. We shall see….

  2. That actually looks very similiar to what I did for my last marathon. Running 5 days a week was too much for me so I had a “crosstrain day”, and still cut 20 min off my time! You got this!!!!

  3. You girls are killing me but I am reading and mulling a good run over in my mind and that should count for something. I wish you all the best! I am so proud and will spectate through the blog! XOXO

  4. Best of luck! Not training for any marathons right now. Spending lots of time in the pool. Swimming four days a week, running one, and biking the other. Can’t fit weight training in there right now and it doesn’t help the gym rearranged the whole morning schedule–my favorite class was changed to a day I cannot be there. Hoping to start officially training for a sprint triathlon in February. This time of year makes me think of when I trained for the California International Marathon–loved those long runs in the fall on Sunday afternoons!

    1. Scheduling is such a huge part of fitness. I think so many people don’t exercise because they don’t take the time to fit it in. Love that you do so many different things to move your body. I think mixing it up is key!

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