Already Missing Nanc – The Weeds Finale Boo Hoo

It’s been said that nothing ever ends without a little bit of sadness.

The final episode of the best show on television has left me with a lot more than a little bit sadness.

I had written (then trashed) an entire post about the tremendous eight seasons of Weeds; about Nancy’s nine lives, about the unbelievable writing that made even the craziest situations ring true, about the love, about the loss, about the fairy tale that wouldn’t be.

Sometimes less is more.

Nancy didn’t end up with Andy. Silas’ life wasn’t any longer about his mother. Shane needed more help than ever. Doug admitted to his terrible mistake. Andy found his happy life with the child he had always wanted.

I am still teary eyed from the finale that I watched while the kids were off at school.

I so wanted the show to be tied up with a pretty bow to make everything okay.

To make Nancy okay.

But then that wouldn’t have stayed true to Weeds as a whole.

The truth (which the writers were well aware) is that there is no fairy tale. The best any of us can hope for is that in the end we are surrounded by the people who love us the most despite the sum of our mistakes (hopefully on some steps somewhere under a gentle falling snow).

A new chapter begins for Nancy; one that we will have to imagine in our minds.

A new chapter begins for the rest of us, too, as it does every day.

I’m really going to miss Mary Louise Parker as Nancy. For seven years she’s been my Sunday night reminder that strong-willed girls in amazing shoes can do anything, be anything, and always land on their feet.


4 thoughts on “Already Missing Nanc – The Weeds Finale Boo Hoo

  1. I actually stumbled upon the season premier a few months ago, and was intrigued enough to start from the beginning. I’ve only made it through 2 seasons, but I love the characters and find their decisions relatable if not frustrating. One of these days I’ll get to the end and have an idea about what you’re talking about (because your synopsis made me confused!).

    And series finales almost always make me cry.

    1. I’m glad you were confused, so you’ll be surprised when you get to the end. It’s an amazing show! It just gets better and better! Enjoy it!

  2. Being a ginormous Weeds fan and recently was described as by someone idk as ‘Nancy Botwin’ like…I totally took that as a compliment although not sure if it was meant to be one haha. I can honestly say I became vested in this tv show. Like you said the writing was excellent as were the characters. I will miss this damn show and Nancy more than is necessary…seeing it was never real lol. Love the post!!! @sunshinemommy

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