Gluten Free Me?

It has been established that traditional weight loss and diet techniques do not work for me. My yo-yo has worn itself out and my quest for a healthier life and body has led me here.

Step one has been to quit getting on the scale, a strictly mental challenge. My weight on the scale has nothing to do with how I feel in my body, heart or mind. I can be up or I can be down and depending on that digital number my mood is affected, pushing me toward my coping method of choice; food (eat happy, eat sad).

Three weeks ago I quit Diet Coke.

Fifteen days ago I committed to cutting out the sugary foods that plagued my every waking thought; ice cream, cookies, cakes, etcetera. Sugar (in its obvious form), I discovered, was not that difficult to subtract from my diet.

Hidden sugars, it turns out, have been more difficult to avoid as they are in everything from seemingly healthy cereals and protein bars, breads, frozen entrees, and yogurts.

Being aware has helped me to stay away from the hidden sugars, but I’m finding it all but impossible to cut the stuff out completely. Still, I try.

What, then, is the next step?

In the past two weeks I’ve paid attention to my overuse of carbohydrates (healthy and not).

As I see it I have two choices; either commit to only consuming whole grains and other good carbs or attempt a period of gluten-free to see what it might do to my body.

I don’t know much about a gluten-free lifestyle. It doesn’t have a great reputation to those who live and die by carbohydrate laden lifestyles. But every person I’ve ever met who’s gone gluten-free not only looked terrific, they themselves have praised the benefits in regard to how they feel.

I know I’ll never be a waif.  I don’t care to be. But I want to feel good and so I am intrigued.

Like with sugar, I know in the future I’ll be faced with a birthday party cupcake or a morning meeting complete with a box of Crispy Cremes to fuel tired brains. With gluten, I know there will always be mom’s pasta dinners, cheese and crackers at cocktail parties, barbeques with cheeseburgers begging for rolls.

This scares me. A cheeseburger without a roll scares me!

What do you know about gluten-free? How does one prepare for the lifestyle? What changes have you made to your diet that have helped you become a better healthier you (not necessarily in regard to weight)?


The bottom shelf of the pantry. Our go to snack station. I guess the Rice Crispies are okay? I have no idea, though.

8 thoughts on “Gluten Free Me?

  1. Good for you! I too was a yo-yo-er. Now I’m writing about nutrition for kids (in a simplified and hopefully a little entertaining way 🙂 ). You might be interested in reading my post about stevia, a natural no-calorie sweetener that is proven safe even for children and diabetics. I’ve been trying it out in a few recipes lately and posting about that too, So glad you’ve given up diet coke!

  2. Im gluten sensitive.I don’t cut it out completely but I am conscious of my intake.Personally I do feel better because it physically affects my body.I just try to eat all natural un processed.Pasta maybe once a month if that and never a huge bowl by itself.Only as a side if it’s a special occasion.We switched to rice,oat,and almond flour in our baked goods.Id read about it first though because it’s not really a weight loss tool.i still eat carbs just not as ,uh gluten.

  3. Being gluten free is relatively simple once you get going. My mom prefers to elimate foods that have gluten vs. trying to find a gluten free substitutes for those foods. Your biggest win will be a healthier breakfast. Go for fresh fruits and juice. Almond milk yogurt with berries is another option. Eat salads instead of sandwiches at lunch. Nuts and fruit for snacks. Protein and veggies for dinner. Brown rice if you crave a carb :). You’ll be amazed at the number of useless calories you will shed by not consuming foods with gluten. I also bet you will feel great and never bloated or puffy. Good luck!

  4. I am gluten sensitive and gave up gluten because of how it made me feel, so because of that, it was really easy. Now I have other things going on that used to by symptoms of gluten intolerance and I’m not sure what to point it to. Gluten is hidden in many of our foods that many don’t realize, such as broths, salad dressings, soy sauce, taco seasonings, etc. I thought it would be more difficult than it was, but in reality, I had already shifted most of my eating to gluten-free anyways. Plus, there are great things on the market that make it easy to eat your old favorites. 🙂 Great work on giving up Diet Coke! I am in the process of giving up soda… a process that has lasted years… and am not very good at it.

  5. I have been following your blog with great interest. Great thinking, and writing. As you may remember I am totally gluten free. Not by choice. My health has never been better, stronger, more endurance, great weight but Gluten Free is not for the faint of heart. Lunches are the toughest. When eating out and everyone at the table is digging into the warm bread I just sit and watch and wish. More and better gluten foods are showing up everyday and that makes life easier. As for your determination I have no doubt that you will be successful. Do you knows how few people have trained for and never completed a marathon? Tens of thousands. Your completion of that one goal sets you apart. Give it a try.

    1. Jimmy! Hi! Of course I remember… we talked about it a bunch as I recall. Thanks for commenting.

      My attempt to cut out gluten really is an experiment to see how I feel. I have struggled with my weight for so long, in addition to having a serious sugar addiction. When I stopped the sugar a few weeks back I started to carb load and realized how much wheat I was eating. I was feeling better, but really puffy, kind of gross.

      The past few days I have felt better than I have in ages. Lots more energy, etc.

      I will say, I walked past a bag of cookies tonight and seriously considered eating (half the bag 🙂 but knew it wasn’t wise.

      Good to hear from you Jimmy!
      Glad to hear you are well!

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