Laters Sugar…

One week ago I drank the last Diet Coke in the fridge and made the conscious effort to not head out to the store to buy more the next day or the next or the next.

At this time I can officially say, “I’m off the stuff,” until I am in a position where one is presented to me or in my general vicinity, upon which time I’ll be faced with making the right choice; a conscious choice to say, “No, thank you,” and drink something else.

I’ve had a hard time lately using food for reasons other than hunger. Hunger? I have no idea how that should feel.

Yesterday, sick and tired of being a slave to the pantry, I chose I to spend the day free from my biggest food challenge; sweet sweet sugar.

In order to set myself up for success some planning was involved.

Before morning yoga I headed to Whole Foods where I made myself a big green salad with garlicky kale and a boiled egg for protein. I bought a gigantic water, but decided against the little bags of mix nuts at the check out as they were full of added dried fruit (high in sugars and carbohydrates).

After yoga, I ate my salad and later had a bowl of pasta with a few turkey meatballs that Brian had made for the girls the day before. I had a scoop of peanut butter when I thought I was hungry (that hunger thing again…) and mixed up chia seeds with almond milk for later.

My goal to steer clear of ice cream and chocolate (in any form) was successful and by bedtime I fell asleep feeling a bit more confident in my ability to make better choices. I probably did eat too many calories, but I didn’t count, I didn’t get on the scale, I tried to stay present and listen to my body.

I wonder if the diet doctors would consider this approach to gaining back control of my food issues to be half-hearted. It doesn’t much matter. My conviction was strong, which is what is important.

Today is a new day and the planning has begun. Ezekiel bread, half a boiled egg, avocado, tomatoes, and some turkey sausage for breakfast. I’ve got a fridge full of juicing ingredients; spinach, kale, beets, carrots and celery. Apples are waiting on the counter for a late day snack. I haven’t figured out lunch and dinner, but I will try my best to make good choices for both.

How is your diet looking? Do you get that hunger thing? How do you know when it’s true hunger or bored/something to do hunger? 


I’m out of Greek yogurt, so I opted for this. I wonder sometimes if I need to quit dairy. I love my yogurt, it’s great protein, but I’m not sure if it’s just a vehicle for Go Lean Crunch, which may or may not cause me to be hungry within an hour of eating eat. #dilemma

13 thoughts on “Laters Sugar…

  1. Congrats on breaking up with diet coke! I did it over a year ago after many, many years of daily drinking, and I’m do much happier without it. But the sugar I have not kicked. That sandwich looks fabulous, and if I were choosing between it and ice cream, I’d choose your sandwich.

    1. I remember you telling me that ages ago… it’s hard…. I miss the bubbles! My problem is that I am terrible with moderation and found myself drinking two and three this summer, which I knew was awful every time I cracked another can!

      I’ve heard that the more you eat this kind of breakfast the less you want the other stuff like ice cream. I guess I haven’t been consistent enough…it’s been a lifetime struggle.

  2. Great job getting off soda. Diet Coke is a “gateway drug”! Think….everytime you drink a Diet Coke don’tyou just crave something salty. Then after salty just a little something sweet, but it’s okay because you are drinking diet soda…right? I also think you are very smart not to calorie count right now. Just detox and let your body guide you. But I am anti dairy too….. 🙂 Keep up the good work XOXO!

  3. I have been off “white” sugar for years – but still have to find ways to satisfy my sweet tooth! Whole Foods has been great for this. But Diet Coke – still my evil mistress….Every few weeks I just “have to have one..” Good for you that you said goodbye!

  4. It took me almost ten years to get off regular coke! And I did go a full year and caved!! I have since switched to Diet and am not ready to give it up entirely, but I have cut back.

    1. I was starting to drink it like water… I didn’t even want water it’s so boring! I’ve started drinking Nuun to hudrate before a big run and I find that it’s growing on me!

    1. I worry that I’m going to cave and have another, but so far so good. I kind of notice my grazing has gone down a lot this past week… maybe the diet coke had something to do with that bad habit!

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