Hiatus Shmiatus

A hiatus from old style blogging must be maintained, but new and future blog posts must be shorter, easier, to the point.

My social media realm feels incomplete without the pink bordered Mommyland page, so I’ll take the lead from other successful bloggers and focus less in the way of words.

Words must be saved for the novel. Dare I say novels?

My book has progressed and stories have been put down, though much too unorganized as characters keep forming and situations twist into each other.

My voice is clear; a comforting sign.

But the task to organize is harder than it seems. It feels a lot like your mother telling you to clean your room.

I whine, “But why? I’ll do it later!”

I’ve started to think about a sweet and easy love story. A story that blooms like new love and flows by the seat of my flowered board shorts.

We leave for Maine in about a week. Summer sun and wind that pulls the sound of laughing children to our front door does not call for serious writing. It calls for a story of a boy and a girl and lazy days and hearts aflutter.

Maybe the anthropologically tough stuff should wait for Fall?

My girls pilfered the book shelf while I was out running yesterday and left my reading assignments all over the house. They do this sometimes. I view their choices as research guided to me by my messy makers and the pull of our Universe; published works that have put their authors on best seller lists.

And so it continues; writing, reading, blogging, pinning, tweeting, cooking, laundry, husband managing, children tending, packing, kissing, yelling, tidying, yoga, running, running, running.

Toes tipping in all areas remembering that balance is key.

Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell. The stories of dating and looking for love in 1990’s Manhattan. Funny considering I was there in the 90’s, but all I was looking for was myself.
Corelli’s Mandolin found next to the purple pillow pet. Louis de Bernieres book is described as a classic novel full of love, loss, war, truth. Deep. Much too deep for now.

9 thoughts on “Hiatus Shmiatus

  1. Have fun on your vacation! Another month and we will be driving through the states(ny, Maine) en route to Halifax nova scotia, so I have been busy planing, researching and booking hotels. I love vacation planning.

  2. So glad to hear that you are writing and your book (books?) are progressing and your voice is clear. I think that’s what would worry me the most. Also happy to see your appearance here too 🙂 Maybe summer is the time for a lovely love story?

  3. Martha, I know we haven’t seen each other since about the 8th grade, but I have been following your blog via FB. I’ve always wanted to start one of my own with teacher-y, parent-y, volunteer room mom-y things, and I finally got it launched a few weeks ago. I wanted to say thanks for the unintentional motivation! Caitlin (Talbott)

    1. Caitlin! When I think of homemade pot stickers I always think of you and your kitchen! Do you remember making them together?!!! I love that you are blogging! I have met the greatest people since I started mine.

      I will say that starting a blog is a bit of a slippery slope, though. Once you begin, you are gradually pulled into other social media areas because the more you take the time to post the more you want to share. I never thought I’d be tweeting and stumbling and pinning, etc.

      Off to click around theroommom! can’t wait to share your work!


      1. Oh my gosh– I make those with my kids now! I can’t believe you remember that. Good memory. So glad to reconnect. Yes, I started pinning this week too! Thanks for passing along my blog. I will keep checking in. CT

  4. Nice to see you back in my reader! Have a fabulous vacation. I hope it brings you a lot of relaxation, and of course, writing inspiration!

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