Monday Morning Opportunities

My Grace awoke before four a.m.

She was quiet for a while and we both lay there thinking.

There’s a lot to think about that early in the morning waiting for a little person to go back to bed. I’m unsure of her thoughts, but here are some of mine…

How I am headed to my quarterly dermatologist appointment at 8:00 a.m. and how I hope there is no lidocaine involved with today’s visit.

How my babies are no longer babies, but when they’re asleep I take advantage of their slumber by holding hands and fingers that are still baby soft. It’s a quiet opportunity to relive that baby time, long since passed.

Or a few weeks ago when Grace was sick and fell asleep on the sofa and my mind said that she was still a baby and that I could carry her to her bed to sleep. But how I had neglected to recognize that she’s not a baby, rather a forty-four pounder.  It’s not as easy to move that kind of sleeping lump without tussling it awake.

How she and I were up until eleven that night prompting yet another blog post.

How Tara’s tumblr  photos of gratitude beads reminded me that I’m lacking in pink accessories. I had just been going through my jewelry mess and took note of that; lots of blue, but no pink.

My fantastic weekend begun with a five-mile run that turned into a nine mile run, reminding me how seriously strong I am despite less running as of late.

The outdoor yoga class I went to yesterday in the bright sunshine that made for a burning hot yoga mat cooled off with water poured from Starbucks cups.

How I really enjoy Elizabeth’s yoga style (straight forward, directionally clear, and always with a smile). Yesterday was my second class with her.

How I also like that she looks like a real woman; not stick thin, but healthy and beautiful.

The peace on the marriage front that proceeded the crazy making of Friday.

How Brian let me sleep until 9:15 on Sunday and then gave me time to wake up by letting me sip my coffee and driving the girls to Peachie’s himself.

And the absolutely beautiful weather; sunny, low humidity, warm with a cool breeze.

But too much cake. White frosted cupcakes and a coconut pie. Oh, they were good.

And how today is the sixth day of the green smoothie challenge, which makes me not feel as guilty about the cake gluttony that occurred.

At five Grace whined that she couldn’t sleep. I tried to coax her back down to no avail, so we grabbed her woobies and my phone and snuck downstairs in the dark.

I made coffee and looked at it as an opportunity to write, which wouldn’t have happened had I waited for the 6:20 bell tolling and the mad rush that would have transpired as I tried to gather the kids and myself for a speedy exit at 7:45.

Opportunities must be taken when they appear.

Good Morning?


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Opportunities

    1. It was kind of hard to document all those thoughts. They were all over the place. I wasn’t able to follow proper sentence structure, either, so I’m glad you saw past that! 🙂

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