Human Kindness

My husband and I have been going round and round with the same issues.

It’s caused a major rift that seeps into all things and we often find it hard to be nice to each other.


This morning it started again. Same cycle. Same frustration. Same wish that it could be different.

As I made my coffee I started to hum the Randy Newman song that I’d first heard in the film entitled Beaches way back in 1988. 

“…human kindness is overflowing and I think it’s gonna rain today.”

Minutes later when I got on the computer to start my work, one of the first things I saw was a story about a young American man being caught on video demonstrating an act of kindness to a stranger in a foreign land. Read the article here. It’s beautiful and the video has gone viral.

Just now while blog surfing and waiting for the kids to get out of the bath tub (we’re headed to a Princess Party), I read this.

Human kindness is overflowing.

My subconscious (forgive me 50 Shades readers) and the Universe reminded me of what is important.

Have a great and kind filled weekend.


6 thoughts on “Human Kindness

  1. Sending love, kindness and peaceful thoughts your way! xoxoxoxoxo
    Reminds me of a line from my favorite favorite move…Love actually is all around us.

  2. Great post! I think we all struggle with this in marriage. Once one of my doctors asked if I had any marital problems as part of a generic list of questions when I was pregnant. When I said, “Of course we have problems,” she looked at me concerned. If people say they don’t have problems, I would be more concerned about that. The reality is we have trials and tests in every relationship (even with our very best friends!), and hopefully we learn enough from them to carry on. And I love the story of the boy in China. Little kind acts make a difference. I think I’ll try to do one today!

    1. Since I started blogging I’ve had so many friends who have called me and shared their own struggles. I think people are afraid to say that marital life isn’t all rosy all the time. Like it’s marking them in a negative way or something.

      Sometimes after posting I wonder if I’m being foolish in sharing those moments that aren’t perfect. My husband wasn’t thrilled when he read this particular post, which I should take into consideration. But, I really believe that we all share common experiences and I’m not afraid by the truth.

      It is what it is.

      So happy to have found your blog, by the way. Love the name Yo Momma Runs!

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