Raining, Pouring, Good Habits Calling

It’s raining and pouring and since I’m not in the midst of serious training I’ve canned the morning run.

Instead, the girls and I have rolled out the old yoga mats and cued up the Jillian Michaels Boost Your Metabolism DVD.

It’s been a long time since we’ve burpied and Jack jumped, but we are ready.

I’m wearing my pink run swiftly and black (and ancient) Hind shorts. Grace is still in her Boden doggy nightgown and Soph is wearing her Barbie high heel underpants and chicken socks she rummaged from out the back of my sock drawer. I’m not really sure why I have chicken socks. They’re probably from my teacher days.

I’m determined to start the day off right and try instill good habits in the kids today (it’s really more like a minute at a time thing).

Good habits will be challenged on our afternoon visit to Target. I’ve already said, “No,” to any more toys. I’ve also said, “Absolutely not,” to Swedish Fish. We are going for milk, bubbles, and band aids. I’ll spring for the Spongebob ones, even if they aren’t on sale. This is the line. Temper fits be damned.

Pressing play and ready to sweat!


Boden doggies and chicken socks.

3 thoughts on “Raining, Pouring, Good Habits Calling

    1. I’m sore today! I think I want to try Insanity. My sister says it’s a lot of the same kind of stuff Jillian does, but it’s a different mix every time!

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