Yogis and the Polldaddy

Dearest Yogi Friends!

I have just signed on to Polldaddy in an effort to gather information for the article I am working on regarding the many pathways to yoga.

So many of us who practice know the true peace, enlightenment, centerdness, clarity and detoxifying bendiness that yoga brings to a life.

It is my hope to spread the word and your input will help!

Namaste, Om, and Happy Monday!



7 thoughts on “Yogis and the Polldaddy

  1. I follow your blog and somehow, these posts are not arriving in my inbox. Grumpy 😦
    Oh well, now there’s the Facebook page! Great idea, the polls, Martha. Also, would you be interested in a gust post on my blog sometime?

    1. I’d love to guest blog! What would I write about? Maybe my long distance love affair with crow….

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