Bird is Back

Hatha Raja Yoga is the answer to all of life’s problems.

I’m so glad I went this morning as I now have the perfect opening for my article regarding the best way for a newbie to enter into a practice (especially if they’ve never tried)!

Everything happens for a reason; it is true.

By the way, I came home to a kid with a fever, a mess in the sink and a husband who needed a nap.

It’s all good.

I was sweetly reminded by Renee (and Deepak Chopra) that, “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep the stillness inside you.”

Calm within is possible, but how easily I allow myself to forget.

Hatha Raja Yoga is sometimes called the Royal Crown of Hatha. It is considered to be gentle and allows the mind to calm, even though the body has been moved through deep asanas. It’s the only branch that leaves me feeling worked from the inside out and not dripping in sweat. This allows for an afternoon of enlightened strolling through Whole Foods and other places that the calm mind may lead.

2 thoughts on “Bird is Back

  1. I’ll be looking for this article since I very much fall in this category. In fact, I have a plan for a post on how many different kinds of yogas I have been advised to start with; everyone seems to have their favorite!

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