Change as Summer Looms

Grace fell asleep on the sofa at four in the afternoon on Monday, making Monday night a long one. She and I ended up hanging out until eleven; she watching Diego and I trying to type. I wondered if she was coming down with something.

Yesterday after school both girls came close to dozing on the drive home; unusual, making me question how long it had been since the last time we were sick. The subsequent visit to the grocery store was a bit of a struggle. Tired four-year olds aren’t that interested in the price of strawberries versus blackberries, but are very sure that Lucky Charms need to be in the cart. We left with the berries, but my refusal in the cereal aisle set Sophie on route to melt down mode. Our friends Paige and W (two checkouts down) heard her coming before they saw her. We escaped just in time before the full-fledged screaming began.

I wanted to write a post today about this time of year with school ending, the heat rising and pool plans becoming the talk of the town. All of our friends at school are feeling the change in the air. It’s evident by new behaviors; extra exuberant whining, sand tossing in the direction of friends, playground tantrums, tattling and irritation with otherwise good buddies.

I could barely get to sleep last night as I was thinking about it and it caused me to tossed from left to right, left to right, left to right. I know change is good and that the short summer months will add rich and memorable notches to the growth belt, but I was stuck in the melancholy of it. Our teachers have been loving additions to our lives. Our routine has done what routines do; given us a schedule and control resulting in a sense of safety (thanks to the familiar). Some of our friends will be moving on to different schools and they’ll be taking their mommies and grands with them. I will miss this year a lot and especially our afternoons under the school yard tree.

I knew I’d fallen asleep when in the dark of the night I was awaken by Soph whose croupish cough and sniffly nose were causing tears and frustration. One touch of her skin and it was obvious that we’d been hit with a virus. I suppose I knew it was coming.

My melancholy has been quelled, replaced by “get the kid better” mom mode. If her fever remains we will miss tomorrow’s school day, but hope to make it to the Spring Celebration on Monday and the second to last day of school.

Two more days of tree time will act as the kickoff toward the newness that awaits.

Summer, here we come.

Girl talk under the tree.

2 thoughts on “Change as Summer Looms

  1. I feel it too – Poppy is definitely tired and she fell asleep on the sofa the other day after school for 2 whole hours. I will miss the structure of school days but I’m excited about not having to be at the bus stop at 6.50am plus now they are both becoming good swimmers the pool is going to be a little more relaxing this year!

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