Strategic Planning and the Galloway Group

Tomorrow I’m heading to Garner, North Carolina for a running seminar with Olympian Jeff Galloway. It’s the kick off to the new season of the Galloway Group, the training program I’ve signed up for and will be a part of over the next seven months.

The Galloway Program credits walking breaks to negate fatigue over the long haul. It also believes that walking breaks do not negatively affect overall finish times when used strategically. Better strategy will be imperative for me in Miami.

The group has team leaders separated by pace and I’m hoping that I’ll meet some of them tomorrow. I love talking game and it will be great to have people who can instruct me toward becoming a better/faster/more efficient runner.

In the meantime I quick drove the girls to school with a bunch of roses from the backyard for teacher appreciation and will now attempt a medium length run of six to seven miles. I don’t know how it will go, though, since the heat has sent me home early lately; I am a much better winter runner.

This afternoon the girlies and I will congregate with our playground group. I love seeing the moms and wonder if they have any idea how much I gain from our conversations.

Last but not least I will attempt to find balance/peacefulness/forgiveness in the two most difficult areas of my life; those being the husband (and his wicked tongue) and the foods that give me strength to put up with said husband. The undeniable power of the donut (or a fat piece of chocolate or two dozen cupcakes) will not sooth me today. Instead, moderation and smiles will bring forth the love.

Om and Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Strategic Planning and the Galloway Group

  1. I joined a running group and I am so glad I did. We meet early on Saturday mornings. It is nice to get encouragment from other runners. I was always afraid to join because of my pace, but right away a found a girl with the same pace and it has worked out great!! Good luck tomorrow.

  2. You have ROSES already?!?! My hydrangeas got nipped by a late frost. But I have siberian Iris. and Rhodos and the mountain laurel is blooming.. always so gorgeous! Happy spring! and have a great gathering of like minded flying feet….

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