A Little More Om

I love Christina Hendricks.

I love her because I see myself in her.

The space from the throat to the hips? We could be twins.

When I saw this picture I was reminded of our similarities.

I think she’s beautiful.

It’s curious then that our similar proportions cause me strife and frustration when I see them imaged back in my own mirrors and photos.

It’s days like this when I wonder if my weight struggle, my calorie counting, my faith in pre-packaged foods are masking a bigger problem.

The problem is self-acceptance.

Maybe I need a little more om in order to get a grip?

Maybe a more peaceful less judgemental approach will make my day-to-day naked hop into the shower a little easier?

Maybe I should ask Christina where she buys her bras?

It’s worth a try.

Another day in the evolution of me.

MINTY FRESH  photo | Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks.

5 thoughts on “A Little More Om

  1. Fabulous post! It’s like your in my head. I was just thinking about how backwards it is that I see other women with bodies like mine and think they are beautiful, healthy and fit. Yet, when I look at myself I’m critical. I’ve decided I need to balance accepting who I am while also striving to be better (healthier, thinner, wiser, happier, fitter, etc).

    1. It’s so nice to know that others think like me. Sometimes I feel like I’m so hard on myself. Why do I do that? I do know that I want to run a faster marathon and I’d love to stop binge eating, but it’s a process. Wish it was a little easier, though!

  2. I’m with you on this one. Whenever I see another woman that looks “healthy” to me (i.e. not skinny as a pole and emaciated) I have mad respect for her. But when I look in the mirror it is a totally different story. My husband is always telling me that he likes my body the way that it is, but its hard to accept that. Ack, being a woman is hard stuff.

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