Color Me Pretty

My morning makeup routine is about as simple as my bedtime system where I run a baby wash cloth under the girls’ tubby water. I rarely moisturize. I know I should.

Dewy skin used to peer back at me in mirrors. It exists now in my sleepy dreams and those moments after good exercise, before I hit the shower. The post aerobic glow.

I used to be a product junkie anxious for my monthly Allure to arrive in the mailbox. I wore Benefit when it was only sold at The Face Place on Fillmore Street. I might have been one of the first to become addicted to Studio Mac the year Mac hit the market and was a devotee of Bobbie Brown long before the Estee Lauder merger . Does anyone remember the Shiseido egg-shaped sponge or the hoopla over their eye lash curler? Chanel Pure Teinte was a favorite for years, as was anything new and wrapped in pretty packaging. Boy was I a sucker for packaging.

As my teaching job slipped away, as children were born, as more time became logged inside the house as opposed to out, making up my face became wasted time and money. The shoe boxes of products, gradually delegated to the space below the bathroom sink, lost their sparkle and eventually got tossed.

A simplified routine is great. By the time a person hits forty they should have an idea what works for them. Right?

My 5X mirror and I have decided that we will stick with what works, but start having fun with makeup again.

In addition to the basic three (sunscreen, Mac Omega shadow on my brows and an all over dusting of Glo Minerals in natural fair), I swiped on a new mascara this morning.

Darkened lashes added a certain je ne sais quoi to my day.

Tomorrow, maybe crimson lips? Bronzing blush? Navy blue eyeliner?

The pretty making possibilities are endless!


Maybe not for pre-school pick-up. Love that lip, though.
Pink Lipstick
Pink lips!
Blue eyeliner
Navy blue eyeliner.
blush/pink palette #makeup
Blush/pink palette. Perfection!
Bronzer and a red lip.
kinda obsessed with bright pink lipstick...
Fuschia lips and dreamy skin!


best cat eyeliner
Liquid liner. Nude lip.
Dramatic Black makeup
Clearly editorial. Artistry with makeup.
Taylor Swift no makeup (supposedly)
No makeup makeup.

16 thoughts on “Color Me Pretty

  1. Most days I keep my routine pretty simpe, but I swear by bronzer (Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Bronzer is my current fave) and a little bit of NARS blush in Orgasm (got to love the name!). I’m also crazy about Origins VitaZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer. It has just a slight hint of tint to even out skin tone (and it has SPF 15).

    1. I’m going to look into the smashbox brinzer and the Origins VitaZing. I used Nars Orgasm years ago, but it was a little too purply on my skin. I need really pale blush or I look like I’ve been smacked!

      1. Oh… look at that…brinzer… not bronzer. Totally didn’t mean to do that!

  2. I am loving all the tips and tricks…fashion, make up! And missing you! Hugs and kisses to you and yours! Loving the blog…said it before, makes me feel closer to you…and I wish we weren’t so far apart! Oh, happy to be an interviewee for the co-sleeping piece as well. James was in the basinette until 4 months, then in his crib. Mia, not so much. Basinette, co-sleeper, now truly co-sleeping. She is underweight and I have been told to feed on demand…and she likes to eat at night! I think it is all wrapped into the breastfeeding and working. Happy to discuss if it would be helpful for the story, which I know will be published! And, as I was flipping through Parenting, or some other mommy mag, I thought of you and your marathon story. WRITE THAT TOO! I would want to read that article!!!

    1. I love it when you comment!

      Will definitely “interview” you for the co-sleeping piece. I’ve received so many offers and so many moms have different reasons for their situations. Making me analyze my own, which is good!

      Summer is around the corner! Will see you guys soon!


  3. I tried the navy blue eyeliner but I ended up looking like someone out of High school the musical in a bad way. Usually out of laziness I just try to wear SPF moisturizer and call it a day.

    1. I have trouble with all eye makeup, because it just rolls right off. I’ve got to start trying again. My poor eyes are just lost in my face!

  4. I don’t try to do too much with makeup-especially eyes. Everything gets rubbed off within an hour. I can be bad about not washing my face at night, but if I remember how good it feels to put on night cream after then I do.

    1. I’m terrible about washing my face at night! I think if I had a moisturizer I liked then I’d be more adamant about it.

  5. I’ve always enjoyed wearing makeup. When I became a mom it was a little difficult to adjust to a new routine and figure out if, and when, makeup fitted into my day. It’s simply not practical to go all out everyday, but it helps my attitude immensely if I make the effort in the morning to do my hair a little and sweep on some mascara.

  6. Love your blog, and you too :). I am the same with the make-up….because I’m a working Mom I choose (term used lightly) to sport a full-made up face for corporate America. But on those days when such attire is not necessary I do hit the pillow with excitement knowing that I can awake the next morning and simply put on Spackle bronze primer or dust of mineral bronzer – either Mary Kay or Trish McEvoy (whichever I grab first based on how much my 3 year old is tugging at my ankles) mascara, and lip gloss. Honestly, I don’t go anywhere without the Crush rose lip plumping lip gloss. My other secret is to get out of the house with as little stuff as possible, but always armed with, of course, lip gloss! I could be carrying only the necessities but there ALWAYS must be room for the lip gloss. If it were not so hot where I live (Sarasota, FL) I’d keep a stash in my car and run out with just a license and debit card…and, of course…lip gloss!
    And…I co-slept too…til he was 9 months old he was right there in my bed with me. Not one issue and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Matty still sleeps in my bed some times, no biggie…he doesn’t have issues and can sleep anywhere so it’s all good. We’re one of the only cultures where the kids don’t sleep with their parents…go for it.

    1. You are so cute! You sound just like my sister with the lip gloss! I need to start using it more. I need a little lip smacking shine in my life!

      SO many people have offered to help with the co-sleeping article! How did Matty transition? I have no idea how I’m going to get the girls sleeping on their own. It might be too late….

      I’m running the Miami marathon in late January. Want to come?


      p.s Did you hear about Paige and baby Charlie?

      1. OF course I heard about baby Charlie and I think it’s phenomenal and a great way to bring an end to grand babies for Gigi…unless, of course, more arrive but I don’t think any of them are planning on more. It’s almost like their family has come full-circle, I really think it’s divinely inspired 🙂

        I did not realize you were going to do a co-sleeping article but I would love to contribute. Matty transitioned perfectly. It was almost like he was waiting for me to give him his space. Often our little night-time-noises would sort of bounce off each other and trigger each of us to wake up. He slept in my bed or co-sleeper next to my bed until he was 9 months old. Naturally he awoke frequently because I nursed until he was 17 months but still…I was finally able to get a full night sleep and so was he. Now he sleeps wherever, depends on the day. He does prefer to sleep in my bed but when it’s time for him to be in his bed I draw the hard line and do not give in. Every now and then I have to hold the door shut because he keeps walking out. It is hard. But it’s worth it because then I get a break. And, as a single Mom with not one person available to help with Matty — my time is really important (I don’t even know when I’ll shop for birthday gifts because I’m a one-man show). Co-sleeping is wonderful. But, sleeping in their own bed is just as wonderful. And important for helping develop their sense of independence, maturity and security. They need to feel secure and growing up and sleeping alone is one way that is accomplished. Consider it one of the ways we ways we start to “give them wings and make them fly”…remember, my friend, they do not belong to us. That was a lesson I learned early on.

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