Work It!

Inspiration struck and I found myself writing all day long.

My husband, not convinced that writing will serve a purpose in his idea of a future (i.e. funds), commented on the placement of my tush in chair every time he passed through the kitchen.

Not to be deterred I foraged on.

I have committed to getting two actual articles written and sent off to publishers by the end of May.

In order for this to happen, dear husband is going to have to take a great big chill pill and muster up all of his patience, because the laundry will get behind again and he might have to iron his own pants for work. The horror, really!

I’ve decided on two topics that the articles will encompass.

The first begun yesterday is regarding yoga and how one comes to their own practice. What does that mean? How did it happen for me? Why are people so afraid to begin and discouraged by what they’ve heard?

Interestingly, my first go at article writing turned out feeling a lot like blog writing and I wonder if maybe I am being lazy? Maybe I’ve stumbled upon my style? Maybe I should stick with it?

My second article, which hasn’t been started but has been tossed around in my brain for years is in regard to family sleeping ergo co-sleeping ergo the family bed. It will be a perspective piece stating the pros and the joys that it’s been for me; my rebuttal to my husbands disbelief that the arrangement is good for a marriage or children’s capability make their own decisions as they grow.

This piece may take longer to write and I’m okay with that.

My cousin Rebecca, herself the talent/writer/producer of Mirror/Mirror on the Live/Well Network suggests interviewing for different perspectives. I will take her advice, especially for this topic. Forget that most of the world co-sleeps, we as Americas are frightened by the sweet and simple act of waking next to our kids.

I am not one to preach, but I despise the judgements about it. It’s dangerous to think that when it comes to parenting it’s your way or the highway. I hope to add perspective for people who haven’t given the idea a chance.

I also like the idea of conducting a survey to add credence to my points, but I’d appreciate views from the other side, as well. There are lessons in the cumulativeness of the experiences; both sides hold value.

If you are interested in sharing your views, for or against, feel free to email me or tweet or call me! I would love to hear from you!

For today, a gloomy looking Sunday, I’m going to take a little break and remove my tush from the chair. I have yoga at 11:00 and then must collect all the goodies needed for a small jaunt to the beach later in the week.

Brian needs a break from the Raleigh monotony and I happily agreed to the trip. There was, however, one condition imperative for him to be graced with my presence by the shore.

The rental must have Internet access.

There is work to be done!

My spot. Tush not in chair.

10 thoughts on “Work It!

    1. The idea of sending my work to actual real world magazines is a frightening as running a marathon! Will keep you posted on my progress! xx

  1. p.s. we never did it as I was scared of rolling over on them but we have many advertisers who provide great products for co-sleeping and I know many advocates of it…plus I didn’t find I slept well when the kids were in our room in a bassinet – I couldn’t wait to get them in their own room!

    1. See..we’re all different and I respect that. I just wish the choice to sleep with them wasn’t so taboo….

      1. I don’t think it is taboo – I just think a lot of people haven’t even considered it or they get scared off like me by people in the medical field – I fell asleep with Poppy in the hospital the day after she was born and I was severely reprimanded by the nurse – I was terrified that I could have put her in danger:(

      2. I guess I need to clarify… I think it gets taboo… maybe that’s not the right word… when parents sleep with their kids who are no longer babies. My husband hates that I do and on some level I wish that I had put them in the crib and cut the cord then. Sleeping with babies can be dangerous, I hear about infant deaths all the time in regard to that part of the issue.

        Oh boy. This article is going to take me a while I think, but I’m getting such great feedback from both sides. It’ll be a great challenge to write. My favorite kind of task!

  2. I don’t think I’d have much to say in regards to that but I’d love to contribute some other way or to another article sometime. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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