For the Love of the Run

Brian forgot that he had scheduled Wednesday to work at home. As difficult as it is to keep the kids quiet and away from him when he’s here during the week, there is a little bitty silver lining; he doesn’t leave and I get to run.

Those kind of surprises are the best. Within minutes of telling me his plans I’d gathered my gear and run out of the door half-dressed. I finished getting ready in the driveway, tying up my shoes and situating my Yurbuds.

I didn’t wear the Garmin, which had been diligently strapped to my arm for all those months of training. Looking down at my wrist I was reminded of how differently it felt to not be consumed with distance or speed or time.

Still, I knew I’d run six miles, since I’d chosen the loop I like the most.

Since the race, the weather in Raleigh has shifted and the cold running gear has been rotated in the closet. The long sleeve Swiftly’s are now folded at the bottom of the tee pile and the shorts and short sleeves are peeking out of theirs (in not so neatly folded stacks).

I chose to wear my old Oiselle Run tee yesterday (that I love so much) despite it’s teeny bleach marks. I learned the hard way not to hold and spray Clorox Clean-Up too closely while still in my running clothes. I must have felt inspired after that run last year and my kitchen cleaning frenzy is forever evident on my very favorite shirt.

I had been worried that I’d lost the love for the run.

I am silly!

It was there, we just needed some time apart. Absence and the heart growing fonder, et al.

At 10:00 today I’m heading out again. I think I’ll wear my other Oiselle that says, “13.1 Half the Distance, Twice the Fun,” with my blurred gray Speed shorts. I will lace up the Newton’s tighter at the ankles than I did my Mizunos (explanation to come with my shoe review), Glide up, grab my phone and glasses and go.

How excited am I?

It’s just barely contained.

Yesterday's happy feet.

3 thoughts on “For the Love of the Run

  1. Yay! Those surprise runs are the best— it’s always a treat for me when my husband goes in a bit later, and I can run before he leaves, rather than squeezing it in during the day.

    1. I love them! At first I wasn’t sure and I was having some pulling in my calves, but I think my form is getting better. I wish they weren’t so expensive, though. I kind of want another pair to rotate…..

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