Hunting at Lululemon

I always love a trip to Lululemon. It’s best when I’m on my own, but since it’s spring break and I’ve got the girls I convinced them to behave and we made the trip together.

I went in on the hunt for the new white Yoga Camp Crop that was uploaded on Monday. I already have the full length Yoga Camp Pant in black, which has become a wardrobe staple. I usually like to buy my LLL bottoms a bit bigger for added ease and comfort, but since they didn’t have 10, I tried on the 8.

They were okay, but unlined, thus showing my flowered britches. I’m sure a nude pair of undies would fix the issue, but they were also pulling in weird places, so I sadly left them behind. I had purchased the white Studio Crop last year, which are basically the same without the cargo pockets, but had buyers remorse when I realized that they’d stay clean and bright for less than half a second with the dirty birdies with whom I live. Not to mention, the online reviews said they were impossible to get clean, which would only lead to frustration and lots of wasted bleach.

For now the urge for white crops has passed, but we’ll see what happens as summer nears and my suitcase gets pulled out as the packing for Maine begins.

Since I can’t go into a Lululemon dressing room with only one item to try, I grabbed the Every Yogi Tee in ink blot and a pair of Tracker Shorts in the new fossil/heathered fossil.

I tried the tee and was almost convinced I should have it when I asked Sophie for her opinion.

“It looks like a cow, Mom.”

“It looks like what?” I asked again.

” A cow.”

I didn’t misunderstand the second time and quickly stripped off the top and placed it back on its hangar. I am not interested in looking like a cow thank you very much.

The shorts were a bigger hit with the little helpers and they liked the pink (flash?) zipper. It’s a good and bright addition to the light gray print that reminds me of the map of the world puzzle the girls and I finished yesterday. I think the print is actually imprinted flowers, but they do have that special agent map sort of quality. Agree? Maybe?

I really like them and Sweet Mary convinced me I’d love them on the road. Let’s hope so. I’ve been on the hunt for the right shorts for quite some time.

Lululemon Run Tracker II. I don't like my shorts tight, so I always go up a size. These were cute on, much cuter than they looked lying flat.
Yoga Camp Crop. A lot like the Studio Crop, but with pockets.
Yoga Camp Crop
Now that I see this picture, I think the 8 fit me fine. I was a bit bothered by the pulling, but it seems that's how they fall.
Every Yogi Tee
Every Yogi Tee in ink blot. I've tried this on a few times and even with my DD's, the 8 was big enough. Looking like a cow, however will not do.
Map of The World Puzzle. I was never any good at geography, so putting this together was a lesson for me as much as for the kids.

5 thoughts on “Hunting at Lululemon

  1. I’m sure it was the black and white pattern, Holstein-like to a 4 year old. I Love all your posts and look forward to them every day! Love that you add pictures, and there’s always a smile included. 🙂

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