Flexibility in Mommyland

The plan for today was to head to the library for a new batch of books and then off to Target to hunt for big girl underpants.

Before we were to head upstairs to get a move on, we tidied up the play kitchen collecting the mess of cut up paper from coloring books that made better cutting templates. This gave us an opportunity to talk and we made the group decision that it was a better idea to stay home in our  pajamas and play.

New books and underpants can wait.

Sophie remembered the Lilly Pulitzer paper dolls hiding in the hall closet and I took them down from their shelf. I was wary because the plastic colorform clothes that stick to the dollies sometimes come off the page with their paper still attached causing frustration and (in the past) tears. They are awfully cute once the dollies do get dressed and so far I’ve only had to de-paper a goldfish bowl and a mini patterned journal.

It seems we are growing into the activity. Small hands are doing their very necessary work and I’ve been given a moment to do mine (type, edit, post)!

Flexibility in Mommyland is key and often the second choice plan for the day turns out to be better and more fulfilling than the first.

The goldfish bowl.
Little hands doing work.
I have a love/hate relationship with Lilly Pulitzer. It may require a post of it's own.
Grace's doll. I'd wear that outfit, sans the bow. The background is a classroom. Cutesy, no?







3 thoughts on “Flexibility in Mommyland

  1. Staying in pajamas and having a mommy-daughter day at home sounds wonderful! I have a love/hate relationship with LP too. I fall madly in love with a dress online, buy it and hate it. Who are these dresses made for???

    1. The older I get the less I want to wear their dresses. I love pattern and print though…. pants might be the way to go?

  2. Feeling the groove, good for you ,going with the flow. YES! Lillie is made for your mother’s generation (or the one between you) . In MIami. or Palm Beach, or Bermuda. Maybe CAPE COD. IT’S RESORT WEAR…. Oops! din’t mean to yell. anyway, Keep having those precious mommy moments. This could be the girls baby-books in the future…xoxo LUV

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