The Rainbow of Bloggers

I spent my Saturday in social media heaven.

The blog was looking tired and needed a facelift, so I messed with themes and widgets, searched URL’s, and uploaded new images.

The best part was when I figured out how to link up some of my favorite bloggers into a blogroll for my visitors. Many of the names on the list are kindred spirits; like-minded people who are enriching my life with their words and their work.

Bloggers come in a variety of colors much like the rainbow. Some I’ve highlighted are obviously running based, many are family centered, and a few are more than effective in discussing the topic of writing.

What they all have in common is great voice; imperative for page turning or in this case scrolling down.

Click, read and enjoy!

My new header. Running toddler, Maine 2010
A photo I came across in my search for new images. My girls running, Connecticut 2011.

12 thoughts on “The Rainbow of Bloggers

  1. Love this and THANK YOU for putting me on your blogroll – now tell me how to do it please – I’ve been looking for it for a while – can you only do it with certain themes? Is it a widget? xx

    1. oooh….goody! I just found your blog roll and I had forgotten to add superfluities! I love her! The other day when Boden surfing I used both of your images to help me choose! They should be paying you! 🙂

    1. You found it…yay! Let me know if you figure out how to get a pinterest image uploaded. I linked my page, but could not (for the life of me) get the image to work!

  2. Martha,
    Thought of you so many times this weekend at the conf. I attended. You have to get into She Streams and I connected with some Power Moms who are runners and have blogs and share the love. I’ll send you some info. XO

  3. Thanks so much for including me in your blog roll! Yours is one of my favorites to read because of your voice, honesty, and pictures of your adorable daughters!

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