A Visit From My Sister


My sister converted to Islam less than four years ago.

I hadn’t seen her since my girls were a month old and our relationship has been tumultuous as she’s transitioned into her new life.

I was scared for her.

I didn’t understand why she would choose something that was so misunderstood in our country. I viewed the head covering as an adverse action toward the rights of women. I was confused and worried. I thought only the worst.

Her new life is simple and busy. Her children are happy and healthy.

She’s happy, which is all anyone wants for the people they love.

I asked lots of questions of her and her husband, a Bangladeshi Imam. Once I got past his dress I found him to be a genuinely lovely person. He’s a good father. His beliefs are not so different from some of my own.

So, what was I really scared of?

The unknown?

They left this morning and I got call from Peach as soon as they drove away.

There were no tears. It was a good trip.

I think we are all relieved.

Me and My Sister.

9 thoughts on “A Visit From My Sister

  1. Glad you all had a good visit and happy to know that Amanda is happy πŸ™‚ It’s true, that’s all we can ask for those that we love…well, we can ask for more…but happiness is enough. xoxox

  2. The unknown scares everyone – but it’s good to be scared occasionally – it helps us realize we have more courage to overcome hurdles than we thought. Islam is a totally misunderstood religion by many, and unfortunately, in the US especially, we are fed only negative commentary fueling the fear. I completely oppose the French government’s stance on not allowing Islamic women to wear scarves – to me that is an infringement on human rights bred through fear and ignorance. Contrary some people’s opinion many Muslim women are strong, independent and well educated and want to respect their religion and laws – they are not all beaten into submission by their misogynistic husbands as is often portrayed.

    Your sister is still your sister who will have her own fears, and I expect she needs her sister more than ever as she embraces her new life. I adore the photo:) xxx

  3. I think it is difficult to forge strong relationships sometimes as adults with our family members. My sister and I have had our difficult times, too, when we misunderstand each other. Your story rings very true–we worry about our family members, and sometimes this comes out in anger, fights, distance or tears. I’m glad you have found peace.

  4. I love the picture of the two of you. Sibling and family relationships are so tricky. I often find that the things that I worry or am scared about about with my sister are definitely reflections of my own worries or issues or insecurities. And that’s why I worry or criticize or whatever. I’m glad to hear that you had a good visit. The unknown is scary and I agree with Poppy that she may need her sister now more than ever.

  5. Yeah! Imagine if we were all the same and only wore designer labels, gingham plaid and never swore or smoked or admitted that we swore and smoked? “Leave it to Beaver” is today known as “Modern Family” and “Desperate Housewives” for a reason….MUCH more entertaining and realistic, right? Why is it that we don’t let those closest to us live out their lives as they wish – with acceptance and love, patience and tolerance? I agree with a lot of what I’ve read here and I’m soooo glad to hear you reconnected. Unconditional love is frightening and when it is in action many people run because they don’t understand “it” because it is so unfamiliar. More families would be connected and less people would feel alone if “they” could just get over themselves and come down from the cross – as they say, “we need the wood”!

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