Busy Bodies

My sister Amanda and her family drove into Peachie’s driveway at four p.m. yesterday afternoon. I hadn’t seen her or Marcus, her thirteen year old, in over four years. I also had yet to meet her husband or their three babies under three.

I thought I was busy with a couple of wild twins, but my sissy and her family didn’t stop moving from the time they arrived until the moment we escaped back to our house. That many littles in such a short period of time makes an awful lot of chaos. Happy chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

Today will be another fast paced day. My hope is for Marcus and the girls and me to have a slight adventure to Target where we’ll get him the Hunger Games book and talk like we used to. I want the girls to know how special he is to me and to see his magic for themselves. Later, the rest of the family will come to the house and play here for the day.

I wish I could write more about Amanda and our relationship, but that will have to wait for a day with less on the schedule. It probably would make a better book than blog anyway, so we shall see. The fact that we haven’t seen each other in four years is a good indication of its complexity.

On the healthy living healthy diet front, I suspended the cleanse as my body formed its own revolt beginning yesterday morning.

I haven’t talked much about the fact that I’m diabetic, primarily because it hadn’t been an issue since training began for the race. My endocrinologist thought a marathon was a great idea. I was even able to stop my medication, because my hours of running made them unneccessary.

But with less running on the agenda, mixed with an awful lot less food through the cleanse, by lunchtime yesterday I knew that I need to balance things out. In other words, eat something!

I pulled the good old pricker from my desk drawer and began the steps that you take before collecting your blood.

It’s no fun to make ones’ self bleed, but if it gives your brain an answer for your bodies’ reactions through the day it’s a super tool to have.

The only goal for today is to give up my control to the universe and become present. It’s the aspect that’s been missing. It’s the aspect that should always be first.

Family, children, babies, new book discoveries, good food and balance.

Hope you find balance in your day, too!

Cousins with their Peach.
Mimi the baby.
Well, Hello Old Friend!


8 thoughts on “Busy Bodies

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of little kiddos! And also, hope your hubs likes Hunger Games. Mine won’t read it but plans to go see the movie with us. Stay healthy! Eating is good. ; )

    1. Eating is great and yes, I do need to stay healthy! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the movie!

    1. My girlfriend who is single and my age has a much easier time with cleansing, because when she’s not working she’s able to rest her body. Only other mom’s know how much energy it takes to do the job well. Difficult on very little calories.

  2. LOve the pictures, Glad you got to meet the littles and have special time with Marcus. Looks like they got Amanda’s curls! So cute! Keep writing, stay healthy<3<3

  3. Yes, we got to play with them all and catch up with Amanda when we were in Florida. Non stop high octane kiddos. Got to love them all. Glad they stopped in to visit you all so that you could connect, it is important and we all do not do it enough. Facebook, twitter, etc are all great ways to communicate, but nothing can replace a hug, a smile and looking someone in the eyes to get the whole story. Give them all our Love, M

  4. Ah yes twin chaos, I find my twins seem to ramp each other up, and are much much more wild than other kids their age (which I’m not sure is a good thing -they’re curious – or a reflection on my bad parenting).
    Me and my sister could have a book too, it’s complicated, and often not good, and she’s visiting in a few weeks.

    love the pics!

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