Adrenaline Wakey Wakey

I knew there wouldn’t be much sleep the night before the race, but the adrenaline has already kicked in, which surprises me a little.

I’d already been up to pee at least five times during the night (hydrating, et al.) and it was so hot in the girls room (where I slept) that Grace tossed and turned until eleven. I was up before five when I gave in (or gave up, depending how you look at it).

Only a hormone being excreted from my adrenals could be responsible for my alertness at this hour. I am, after all, heading out for my first marathon in exactly twenty-four. Adrenaline combined with mixed emotions packs a powerful punch.

Hope to rest tonight, but it’s looking bleak.

Off to drink something green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Green juice and race nails. The girl at the nail place ixnayed red flames. I settled for bright pink as a base with ombre lines, but she ended up convincing me the lines wouldn't show up and so we went pale. Sometimes you just have to go with the artist's vision. As Grace says, "SOmetimes you just get what you get!" We may paint them over red today.....





9 thoughts on “Adrenaline Wakey Wakey

  1. So very exciting, so very proud of you! So looking forward to hearing the next chapter of the story! We are cheering you on from Maine!!!

  2. In case I don’t get a chance to tell you before the race, GOOD LUCK tomorrow! You’ve worked so hard for this and you are going to do amazing!

  3. Wow I am just giddy thinking about you running your first marathon tomorrow! Yay!! I know the sleep thing too. I spent the night before my first marathon in a motel room with my snoring parents, husband, and one year old–awful! BTW – I just registered for a marathon in late June!!

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