Two Days Until Twenty Six Point Two

I’ve always liked the number thirteen, primarily because it’s been given such a hard time. Friday the thirteenth has never done me wrong. The thirteenth day of most months (when I pay attention to the calendar) is usually just fine.

But the number two has played an interesting role in my life and deserves it’s moment to shine.

My first address in my own San Francisco apartment: 2222 22nd Avenue

The first baby I ever loved (Marcus my nephew) born: 11/22

My daughters’ birthday: 11/22 (God’s work that they were born on the same date, nine years apart)

Number of siblings I grew up with: two

Number of birth siblings I discovered last year: two

Days until race: two

Marathon: Twenty six point two

Two is on the line for numero uno in my heart.

Let’s hope that last point two doesn’t mess it all up considering the state I’ll (surely) be in with the finish line in sight.

Only thirteen is hoping otherwise.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 by Dr. Suess
Black Number 2 - Graphic - Wall Decor - 15 inches - Two
Black Number Two by Dime Store Vintage on Etsy
Marcus with his two birthday sharers.

8 thoughts on “Two Days Until Twenty Six Point Two

  1. Omg, 2222 22nd avenue! I think we took that apt because of the address and the pink and green bathroom!!!! Love you sweetie and wishing you the wind at your back and a string showing! So very proud of you for so many reasons! You are fabulous and you are the second sibling I grew up with! Xoxo my sister cousin! Love you!!!!!

    1. Didn’t we live there in 1992?!!!!! Maybe it was later? I liked that house. We had fun! Rave on! Who Knew? Hee Hee

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