Three Days to Marathonland

Three is my mom’s lucky number.

She has three children thanks to two adoptions and one miracle (though sometimes we question that miracle and it’s crazy making capabilities).

After my dad had his first heart attack where he was gone and brought back to us, she had three more years with her husband here on Earth.

I’m sure there are other reasons she likes the number three, but it’s far too early to call her to ask. In my opinion, those examples are enough to christen three lucky.

I myself am partial to the number two, but I’ll have to write about that tomorrow.

Industrial Bucket Number 3 by Junk Genius on Etsy
Bucket Number Three by Junk Genius on Etsy
Orange Table Numbers - Wooden Table Numbers Orange for Summer Weddings
Wooden Table Number Three by ZCreateDesign on Etsy
Elmo Cookies
Three Elmo Cookies by Delicious Dozen on Etsy


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