In Only Six Words – A Writing Tool

A few weeks ago I ran across a writing blog that was created to help all writers with the process.

Always a learner, I fell madly in love with a tool to get the words flowing that didn’t require fussy things like sentence structure or proper grammar.

Usually I love those parts of our language, but with a mere five days until the big day and because my brain has decided to take a short vacation, I figured I’d give it a try.

ME. Poetic self descriptions and thoughts in only six words:

Calm, ready, race is a comin’

Drink water please hydrate that bod

Kids whine, but mommy whines louder

Seventy not part of training plan

Will miss my jacket running without

Library groceries mom take these kids

Eat right juice now nutrition only

Swedish fish only count when crying

The list could go on and on. Even if you aren’t a writer, it’s a fun activity to play in the car or with your kids!

Love my blog love you more!


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