Quads on Fire

Hips are fine, but quads are acting up.

The scheduled twenty-six miles for the week may be closer to seventeen, unless the spasms cease and desist.

Runner’s World says to be “chill” during the taper, but “chill” is not a word that works itself comfortably into my plans.

I did the math and missing out on nine miles of training may be too much for me to accept.

Tomorrow I’ll reassess, ice, ibuprofen, roll, compress, and repeat.



14 thoughts on “Quads on Fire

  1. That happened to me after a long run. With some ice and Ibproufen I was fine. If you’re still sore though, you could always run fewer miles vs skipping altogether. But honestly you’ve done your longest run. You’re there now. Missing 9 miles won’t make or break you. Stay healthy for the race!!!

  2. Oh no, how frustrating. You’ve already done your training. Your body has learned the 20 miles lesson. Give your legs the kindness they need for a few more days. You’ll be fine. 🙂

    BTW, how do you put the FB Like button at the bottom of your posts? I can’t figure that out.

    1. I think I’m going to rest up the next few days and do my semi long run on Saturday. I am feeling much better today, but need the time off.

      Ok. So regarding the facebook button! I spent an entire day trying to figure it all out.
      First….go to the stettings link and click on sharing. There is a place where you drag the facebook button to a row with other buttons.
      I’m probably not explaining it well.
      The other thing I did, which I’m not sure I fully understand still, is I went to widgets and placed my facebook link under the facebook widget.
      Also….click the help button at the top for clearer directions. Hope that helped a little.

  3. I always experienced very sore hip flexors and glutes after my very long training runs. My knees also swelled up for a few days. However, I never did anything medical for them other than to let them rest a day or two after the long run, and the recovery run, though very uncomfortable, was irreplaceable as it got everything flowing again and helped speed the healing process. Take it easy and don’t do anything that will damage yoru body…if you have done 90% of your training, you can survive missing some running to allow your body to heal. That is most important. Good job!!!!!!

  4. I was a dummy and hiked a mountain on Sunday, after I did my 21 (I decided to push it) on Saturday. My calves were screaming Mon-Wed, but thankfully don’t feel too bad today. I will get in some slower, shorter runs this week and maybe pick up the intensity while still tapering next week.

    1. I think I just needed to rest from Monday. I’m feeling great today and have the itch to go for a little one tomorrow. BTW…. I just read a really great article on tapering at runningnut.com. It kind of helped me put things into perspective.

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