Waiting to Run

It’s raining. No, it’s pouring.

The sun is hiding making it feel colder than it is.

The Garmin is out of juice and while I wait, I type.

I’ve already changed from crops and a light windbreaker to the outfit worn when it’s really bad out there. My only pair of long tights, now a little too big from months of running, but warm and necessary. They are Lucy, navy blue with zippers at the back hem. They don’t match anything I own and I don’t much care. I’ve layered a Swiftly with a race shirt and a rain repellant vest over top. The iPhone is in a ziplock. The Fuel Belt is loaded and the extra water bottle is ready to be stashed near the bushes near Windjammer Road. My toque, only pulled out for the very worst in weather is pulled down tightly and I’m taking the Zeal’s which have always been good to me in the rain.

I am going to do this twenty miles. It will happen. The waiting is making my heart beat fast in my chest.

At what point will the Garmin be ready? The little battery is inching it’s way up with no sign of stopping. Do I take it now and hope it lasts for the next four hours? Shall I wait another fifteen minutes to be sure it’s got a better chance?

One thing is for certain, and that thing will power me through. When this run is complete it will be another reminder that nothing can keep a tough girl down.

Not this rain nor the very darkest of days.

7 thoughts on “Waiting to Run

  1. Hope you had a good run! Our 20-miler last year was part sun, then rain… it worked out fine. And we did our 5 today in the rain–it felt great! I used to make a point of never running when it was doing more than misting, and then I realized I was being a wimp. You’ll do great!

  2. Can’t wait to hear how it goes! Is this your first 20 miler? I remember after I ran my first 20 mile–I was like, “I just ran 20 miles! That’s crazy!!” It’s amazing what we can make our bodies do.

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