A Running Twerp

I mustered up the courage yesterday to venture back to Twitter.

Despite my initial misgivings of being followed by strangers, many of whom are actual hookers, the prize for taking the plunge was a conversation with two old friends. I not only got advice on how to block the harlots, I also planned my next race with at least one partner; a Summer half marathon in late July.

On the running front, my return to the land of the living with my (now only) partially stuffed nose, allowed me to cruise an easy five before Brian left for work. I was kind to myself, and even though I was connected to the Garmin, didn’t check it much. Running without a focus on time allowed me the opportunity to breath in the morning. A beautiful morning it was and I’m pretty sure Spring will be sprung before the Winter is officially over.

Thanks to all the well wishers who helped to speed me toward a faster recovery. Your thoughtful words, mixed with the orange flavored melt in the mouth Zicam, and an easy (get back out there) run have made me feel so much better!

My early morning run. It was actually brighter and more beautiful than the picture.

14 thoughts on “A Running Twerp

  1. I haven’t tried Tweeting yet! (And don’t yet follow anyone–I’ll have to check it out.) Glad to hear you’re back on the road. Me, too–my foot is better, and we did an easy 4.5 this morning. It was hot! Weird.

    1. Glad to hear about the foot!
      I was supposed to do five this morning, but got too hot and cut it at short at three. Tomorrow morning should be better…cooler….thank goodness!

  2. I’m not a tweet-er but my little intern at work is trying hard to convince me I need to do it. This is from someone who follows Paris Hilton. Don’t think that is enough to persuade me yet.

    1. I sort of delved into all sorts of social media this week. It’s interesting, tweeting and pinterest, etc., but I don’t have enough time to commit to them all!

  3. Twitter….I keep forgetting I’ve got an account! You’ve inspired me to get back over there. My blog automatically posts there, but I don’t actively tweet.

    Bet you’re glad to be back on the road!

  4. Following you! I was relunctant for a while too… I was worried about trying to keep up with all this social media… But like someone put it to me: Facebook is for the people you already know, Twitter is for the people you want to know… and is so true, most of the people in FB are not interested in my “healthy living” stuff, on the other hand Twitter peeps are so much more active and involved! See you on the other side!

  5. I used to hate Twitter, but ever since I started my blog, I love it! It’s an easy way to connect with all the new people I have met without exposing as much as my Facebook profile does. It’s a great community.

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