A Bump in the Road

In my stuffed up shuffle about, I forgot to brush my teeth for an entire day and wore the same sweatshirt for three. My excuse for the sweatshirt is that it’s Spiritual Gangster; cozy and soft with pockets for kleenex. There is no excuse for the teeth.

I haven’t run since Saturday. Week fifteen is not going according to plan.

The rule of thumb for runner’s who are sick is this:

Above the neck run; below the neck don’t.

But what if it is above the head mostly, below the neck a little, with a marathon three weeks away?

Didn’t I predict this in last week’s post?

In truth, anyone could have predicted this. The beautiful blonde germ factories that I live with could have predicted this. Another virus right on schedule.

The good news is that it happened now rather than the week of the race. Any closer to the big day would be just enough to slay me; to make me question life’s fairness and my existence on Earth. A good virus can make me feel very sorry for myself.

The plan for now is to keep up the Emergen-C and Zicam. To keep my muscles from getting lazy, the Manduka will be dusted off for a little bit of Om once the girls are off to school. I will open the windows today (to air out the house) and wipe the place down with a good dose of Clorox. The sweatshirt is currently being washed on the long hot cycle, it practically crawled to the machine on its own. I will work hard to feed my cold the things it needs; antioxidant rich foods to help it recover. I promise to toss the Swedish Fish, steer clear of buttered French bread, and drink more water. Lots more water.

Tomorrow morning I’ll head out for an easy trek around the neighborhood to assess where I’m at. Beginning Friday I’ll attack week fifteen, only five days late. If I run my twenty miler next week, I won’t have lost too much time, just a little from the taper.

Sometimes a bump in the road can sideline well laid plans.

Sometimes the bumps, meted out with a sprinkle of  good timing, make the finish even more delicious.

12 thoughts on “A Bump in the Road

  1. I had a stomach bug at about Week #15 too when I ran my second marathon last year. I also had a nasty cough two weeks before that was still lingering when I ran my marathon. It’s amazing how quickly your body can bounce back.

  2. I also had a head and chest cold 2-3 weeks before my first marathon in Nov. I worked hard to ignore the bits I read online about chest colds and running being a bad combination! It all worked out. It sounds like you are doing everything you should. You’ve done your homework, now you can let yourself recover and then enjoy the marvels of your first marathon!

  3. Ugh. This brings back memories of last year’s (my first marathon) training. (We’re just doing a half this spring as a break.) If my kids sneezed, I would bark out, “Don’t get sick!” Really, you will do well… don’t let this get you down. I had a UTI, cold (I think at week 14?) and virus at various points along the way, and it only got me off course a little bit. I’m putting you on my blog list so I can keep track of how it goes!

  4. Oh–I just went back and read the post you wrote about finding your sister–so sweet! And I discovered that you’re in Raleigh… I live in Morrisville! Funny how you can find someone on the Internet who’s so close by!

      1. I’ve heard those are fun! I didn’t sign up for it because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after the marathon, which is March 18th.

      2. Tobacco Road?!?!!? Is that the one you’re doing? That’s the one we did last year!!!!! So funny. I have a friend who will be doing her first marathon at that one, too. Awesome!

      3. Yes…Yay…Tobacco Road! And your friends is another first timer! I’m happy to hear I won’t be the only one!
        Does she blog?
        I heard the race is a nice flat one, and it’s so hilly in North Raleigh where I have been training. Hopefully it will work in my favor and I’ll be happy with my time!

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